Ice-T’s Wife Coco Going Into Sex Toy Business, Starting Her Own Adult Line

Ice-T's Wife Coco Going Into Sex Toy Business, Starting Her Own Adult Line

According to TMZ, Coco [known better as Ice-T’s wife] is about to start her own line of X-rated toys for adults.

Probably realizing that she has no real career of her own, she’s decided that she’s suddenly an expert in sex toys, and has decided to go into the R-rated toys business by January. Uh, hate to break it to you Coco, but it takes more than two months to create and market a new range of products.

Alas, I doubt she’s going to take anyone’s advice on the matter. The report claims that Coco has teamed up with Cal Exotics, reportedly the world’s largest sex toy company. Cal Exotics probably thinks they can utilize Coco’s name to sell more of the toys, but I think they’re overestimating just how many people know who Coco is.

A source [likely from Cal Exotics] tells TMZ, “The toys will reflect Coco’s personality and will include massagers, vibrators, and more! The toys are for solo and couples play. Coco is involved with the entire process, from packaging to the promotional strategy.”

Oh good grief. If Coco is involved with the whole process, it’s guaranteed to fail. Coco ain’t some marketing executive, nor does she know anything about packaging and promotion. The company would be smart to limit their risk by covering all the promotion themselves, and only using Coco’s names for the products. Obviously, they’re giving her freedom with the products because she’s a celebrity, but they really shouldn’t.

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Photo Credit: FameFlynet