Jenelle Evans Abortion – Aborts Baby Because She Doesn’t Know Who The Father Is

Jenelle Evans Abortion - Aborts Baby Because She Doesn’t Know Who The Father Is

Yesterday MTV revealed the official trailer for Teen Mom 2 Season 5, and one particular clip has fans in an uproar. In the Season 5 trailer Jenelle Evans declares she is getting an abortion. According to Radar Online’s source Jenelle Evans is actually discussing her previous pregnancy with husband Courtland Rogers, not her current pregnancy with boyfriend Nathan Griffith in the clip. In the trailer Jenelle decides that it isn’t “fair to Jace” (her son that her mother has custody of) to bring another baby into the world when she doesn’t even have him.

So, apparently Jenelle doesn’t care about Jace anymore or what “is fair to him” because she has made it clear that she intends to keep this baby. What makes this bun in the oven so special? Well, Jenelle actually knows who the father is. According to Radar’s source Jenelle had just started dating Nathan Griffith when she found out she was pregnant, and it was right after her April arrest with Courtland and he was in jail. So why did Jenelle choose to abort the pregnancy? Here’s our theory. Jenelle’s ex-fiance Gary Head confirmed on Twitter that he was with Evans in May around his birthday. So, between Courtland, Nathan, and Gary, Jenelle had no idea who the father was when she discovered she was pregnant. Instead of taking the chance that it wasn’t her new boyfriend Nathan’s, she decided to nip the problem in the bud – so to speak.

After the Teen Mom 2 trailer Jenelle took to Twitter to clear up any confusion between her pregnancies (and yes we are all very confused). She explained that she is currently pregnant and plans to keep the baby, and the previous pregnancy she aborted, and the pregnancy before that she had a miscarriage. Jenelle Evans current pregnancy with boyfriend Nathan is actually her fourth all together. And it looks like Jenelle is 100% sure who the father is, so she plans to bring this baby into the world.