Jenelle Evans and Gary Head Engaged Again and Making Marriage Plans – Living Together!

Jenelle Evans and Gary Head Engaged Again and Making Marriage Plans - Living Together!

What!  Jenelle Evans and Gary Head are engaged – planning to on getting married!! I think we need to banish Jenelle Evans to the same island on which the Kardashian’s belong. One with no way to reach the rest of the world so that we can forget all about them and their never ending drama – all for the sake of creating drama. What’s happening with the Teen Mom star now? Well, according to her new husband Courtland Rogers, after suffering a miscarriage and filing assault charges against him, Jenelle has decided to shack up with ex boyfriend (who also beat her), Gary Head.

Of course we all learned this golden nugget via Twitter because that is where all of the intimate details of Jenelle’s messy life play out on a daily basis. For some reason she and everyone close to her is under the misconception that being on television means that you should hand every bit of yourself over to millions of strangers (such as myself) to completely analyze. Oh and Courtland is pissed because his new wifey won’t work it out. Check out his tweet,

“She hasn’t even tried to talk this out with me instead she bounced back quick and moved straight in with him and now she is denying sh** lol. maybe an annulment first then move in with Gary but no!! She jumped on that sh** quick like! Well now they can both join the circus #freaks.”

Did he not know Jenelle’s pattern of returning to dysfunctional relationships? Didn’t he have an idea of what he was getting into with her? Actually, every relationship of hers goes down in flames and it makes me wonder what draws these guys to her in the first place! Are you surprised that Jenelle has returned to Gary’s arms? Tell us in the comments below!

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  • lynayn

    The only thing that draws these low-lifes to Jenelle is the thirst for fame and a quick buck. If MTV and magazines stopped paying her for the stories that she makes up about her fake engagements, marriages, divorces, pregnancies and miscarriages, they’d drop her like a hot rock.