Jenelle Evans Teen Mom Star Would Rather Spend Time with Her Boyfriend than her Son Jace!

Jenelle Evans Teen Mom Star Would Rather Spend Time with Her Boyfriend than her Son Jace!

What is the world coming to when Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans disappoints her fans for the umpteenth time! Maybe the end is near because getting pregnant as a teenager can turn you into an instant celebrity or pseudo porn star — if you’re Farrah Abraham!

Apparently, Jenelle acts like a concerned, responsible parent when the cameras are rolling and then goes back to her “real” irresponsible, narcissistic self when things turn off! What a surprise! People on reality shows are “acting.” Who knew?! Her fans are upset by an Aug. 3 tweet, in which Jenelle decided to spend time with her boyfriend, Nathan, after her son Jace’s birthday.

Her followers were none too pleased, expressing themselves with comments like, “That’s sad. Just give him his birthday party and leave. Not at all selfish.” Another wrote, “MTV is probably done filming for the day! Now she’s back to her normal self- jacing Jace.”

This girl has twitter followers and a fan club?! I’m guessing these fans like watching slow moving train wrecks. She’s been arrested several times for domestic violence charges, fighting with another young lady, threatening an ex roommate, and drug possession.

Who is a fan of that? She’s a mean girl who got knocked up and has been rewarded with a modicum of celebrity. She gave up custody of her son during the first season of “Teen Mom.” Is it really a surprise that a teenager is selfish and wants to spend time with her boyfriend instead of her child, when she hasn’t been forced to accept responsibility for her actions, but instead rewarded for her reckless behavior? It’s a sad day indeed.

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  • Ali

    Should have just given the baby up for adoption after he was born- he’d probably have been better off :(

  • Juliane Janek

    Geez…is this a recent picture? She’s gained weight!

  • Angel 2009

    Actually it should read that she was anxious to go get high after her son’s birthday party. Hope her fans soon realize what a selfish and manipulative mess she truly is.

  • KennethKKelly

    I can’t believe someone actually knocked this pig up