Jennifer Aniston Baby Dreams: Trying To Get Pregnant Past Two Years – Time To Adopt

Jennifer Aniston Baby Dreams: Trying To Get Pregnant Past Two Years - Time To Adopt

Is Jennifer Aniston pregnant? Is she not able to have a child? Is she thinking of adopting? Does Justin Theroux not want a child? These are just some of the numerous rumors that have plagued Jennifer Aniston’s personal life and desire to have children. According to the latest report from The Mail, Jennifer and Justin have actually been trying for a baby since 2012.

Apparently, she’s NOT pregnant right now as her wine drinking attests, but the rumors are a source of constant frustration to Jennifer and Justin, who have secretly been trying for a baby for so long. Obviously, at 44 year old, having a child becomes more difficult than it would have been ten years ago. There are health complications and fertility issues that have to be taken into consideration, but sources say that their inability to get pregnant is starting to depress Jennifer.

A source explains, “Jen purposely left her work slate clean for the next few months to prepare for motherhood. She puts a brave face on the rumors, but it masks her desperate desire to be a mother.”

Apparently, it’s not just baby worries that are plaguing Jennifer. After Justin became busy with his HBO show [which just got picked up], he’s now been busier than ever with his career. A source adds that Jennifer doesn’t know when she’ll get married at this rate, explaining, “Jen’s completely understanding of Justin’s opportunity to elevate his career to another level and prepared to wait though friends are starting to question whether they’ll never make it down the aisle!”

Obviously, she’s played all this off very casually in public interviews, but if this report is true, then this is all affecting her a lot more than she lets on. But she has her professional success to console her – she just earned several million dollars in back-end profits for We’re The Millers.

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