Jennifer Aniston Bald Picture Goes Viral — See It Here! (PHOTO)

Jennifer Aniston Bald Picture Goes Viral -- See It Here! (PHOTO)

A photo of bald Jennifer Aniston started making its way around the internet recently, causing the world to freak out. Everyone can now rest easy knowing that the pic was a fake. The picture surfaced on a bogus Facebook page, which has now been deleted, and turned out to be a very convincing, heavily edited red carpet photo of Jen, who was made to look like she’d shaved her trademark locks.

The Facebook post claimed that Aniston had ditched her long strands in exchange for a closely shaven look to support an ill family member. This does seem like a thing the famous celebrity would do, especially as a gift for the holidays, but several news outlets confirm that the story is pure fiction. It also seems a bit outside the realms of possibility for Jen to shave her hair, especially if she’s currently filming any movie. For some reason, I don’t think directors would be thrilled to have her show up at work with no hair.

This is another great example of how convincing edited photos can be — and how they can unleash pandemonium if not dissected carefully. What do you think of Jen’s fake new look? Do you think she could rock a bald style like that, reminiscent of Natalie Portman, or do you think the Universe should ban her from ever cutting off more than three inches?

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Image credit to FameFlynet/Facebook

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