Jennifer Aniston Afraid of Another Failed Marriage – Has Justin Theroux Birthday Party Instead (PHOTOS)

Jennifer Aniston Afraid of Another Failed Marriage - Has Justin Theroux Birthday Party Instead (PHOTOS)

Jennifer Aniston must be kind of relieved that all of the talk surrounding her these last few weeks has been about everything and anything other than her engagement to Justin Theroux. Her new film We’re the Miller’s is out and so Jen just spent days on end talking about playing a stripper and being maternal, all the while appearing to perhaps have the start of a baby bump. IVF rumors combined with Jen’s obvious physical changes have caused the press to focus on her starting a family rather than getting married again.

According to the Aug. 19th print edition of Life & Style Jen is thrilled to take the edge off of all the wedding talk because it’s all she has heard about for well over a decade now. Think about it, 15 years ago it was all about her marriage to Brad Pitt, then came her divorce from him that has truly never left the tip of anyone’s tongue. She and her ex are still connected through magazines each and every week making it impossible for Jen to really step past her failed marriage.

Perhaps the biggest obstacle in her tying the knot with Justin is actually Jen’s fear of a second failed marriage. She is terrified to go through that again and doesn’t want to become better known for her failures in life than the films that she has made. Do you think that Jen will get past the cold feet phase and actually marry Justin? Or should she pay attention to those cold feet because maybe it’s a clue that this isn’t really the best relationship for her either? What about all of the baby babble? Is Jen pregnant or at the very least undergoing IVF in order to conceive? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Celebrities attend Justin Theroux’s 42nd birthday party at Jennifer Aniston’s mansion in Bel Air, California on August 10, 2013. Rumor has it that there may be a secret wedding in the agenda as it appeared excessive that the street directly in front of Aniston’s house was closed from 4-11:30 p.m. and her hairdresser was also present.