Jennifer Aniston MIA While Justin Theroux Kisses Sting’s Wife, Trudie Styler

Jennifer Aniston MIA While Justin Theroux Kisses Sting's Wife, Trudie Styler

Make no mistake, where there is smoke there is most definitely a fire, especially in the case of Jennifer Aniston and Justin TherouxRobert Downey Jr. threw a weekend long birthday bash for his wife Susan and Hollywood’s most well-respected players were included on the guest list. Everyone gathered for the blow out in San Francisco and while Gwyneth Paltrow and Reese Witherspoon mingled it was actually Justin that turned heads.

According to the Nov. 25th print edition of Star Magazine Justin’s fiance of a year was nowhere to be found and tongues really wagged when a blonde showed up and Justin greeted her with a kiss. That could have almost been an innocent move but the two remained very touchy feely leading other guests to speculate about the status of Justin and Jen’s relationship.

Jennifer Aniston MIA While Justin Theroux Kisses Sting's Wife, Trudie Styler

Jen hasn’t been spotted with Justin in awhile and if you think about it, she’s really carrying herself like a woman dealing with a busted engagement. She’s hiding out and let’s not forget the fact that she just whacked a nice chunk of her hair off on a whim. Nothing screams breakup quite like a make over and a new hair cut! Do you think that this couple is kaput? Who was that blonde that Justin was with? Do you think it’s Heidi Bivens, his ex-girlfriend? Rumor has it that Jen has always feared that the couple would reconnect and she would be left in the dust. Has it happened? Well no, it seems it wasn’t Heidi after all.

As it works out it was Trudie Styler, Sting’s wife.  Watch out Sting! Watch out Jen! Let’s see if Trudie and Justin are caught together again soon.  Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Photo Credit: FameFlynet