Jennifer Aniston Disses Jennifer Lawrence, Says She Looks Frumpy: Jealousy or Midlife Crisis?

Jennifer Aniston Disses Jennifer Lawrence, Says She Looks Frumpy: Jealousy or Midlife Crisis?

Just in case Jennifer Aniston wasn’t grabbing enough headlines for probably not being engaged to Justin Theroux anymore it seems she has taken aim at twenty something actresses in general. Jen believes that starlets such as Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone and Keira Knightly are basically dressing like old ladies in training and she wishes that they would sex it up. According to the Dec. 30th print edition of National Enquirer a close pal claims that Jen is also “galled” by piled high hairdo’s and caked on make up.

Jen thinks that the ladies are all trying to look too old and should instead shorten their hemlines, wear little makeup and simply embrace their youth. It kind of sounds to me like these comments have been motivated by Jen’s apparent midlife crisis that seems to be in full swing. As she and Justin continue to live 3,000 miles apart she has chopped off her hair and invested in a few piercings to try to make her look edgier. It’s pretty clear that girlfriend is wishing that she could turn back the clock and have a do-over on her own youth. Since she can’t she is apparently trying to impart some advice on actresses that are unlikely to listen to her.

Are you buying the latest version of Jen – you know the woman who is purposely reinventing herself? Or do you think her actions are motivated by a messy split from the man that she at least half believed would give her a happily-ever-after? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • Jewel Cruz

    i don’t believe that jennifer actually said those things…

  • artgal

    Jennifer is aging – there is nothing wrong with that -and I dont believe she would comment on these younger actresses however, I do believe that she is probably not happy about missing out on parts that might have gone to her in years past and are not going to Jennifer Lawrence.