Jessica Hart’s New Bikini and Lingerie Photos Send Message To Taylor Swift: “You’re Not Victoria’s Secret Model Material!”

Jessica Hart's New Bikini and Lingerie Photos Send Message To Taylor Swift: You're Not Victoria's Secret Model Material!

Jessica Hart may have had to pretend that she never meant to diss Taylor Swift, but anyone who looked at her original comments could clearly tell otherwise. Jessica is not a fan of Taylor, and I’m sure that’s only gotten more pronounced since she almost got fired from Victoria’s Secret.

For those who haven’t been keeping track of the controversy, it began when Jessica dissed Taylor at the annual Victoria’s Secret fashion show, saying that she didn’t think Taylor fit in as a model. Alas, that soon snowballed into a massive news story, with the VS president getting involved and Jessica apologizing to Taylor. It’s a bit sad that people can’t speak their minds in today’s day and age, for fear of getting assaulted through social media and their words getting deconstructed beyond recognition.

Either way, Jessica barely managed to not get fired and salvage her career, and she won’t be making the same mistake twice. However, just because she can’t outright say anything to Taylor Swift, doesn’t mean she can’t send her a message any other way.

Jessica uploaded several pictures of herself on Instagram, wearing revealing red lingerie and antlers. It’s all in the spirit of Christmas, sure, but it might also be a message to dear Taylor that even if she has more power in the media right now, she’ll never have Jessica’s body. Jessica’s basically sticking by her words that Taylor isn’t fit to be a model, and she’s proving her point by showing off her own body.

Image Credit: Instagram and FameFlynet

  • justin

    Taylor swift is no model she’s mediocre at best,I would say go back to your day job but you suck at that too,ugh u suck Taylor swift and not in a good way