Jenelle Evans Dumped By Nathan Griffith After Her Pregnancy Goes Public – Jenelle Single Again

Jenelle Evans Dumped By Nathan Griffith After Her Pregnancy Goes Public - Jenelle Single Again

Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans has had a pretty bad day. The day that the world finds out you are pregnant (with baby #2), is supposed to be a celebration. But, she has been harassed on Twitter all day by her 800,000 followers, and none of them are thrilled about her growing baby bump. They do bring up some valid points though, for example, “how are you going to have another kid when you can’t even take of your first kid?” (Jenelle’s mother Barbara still has custody of her first child Jace.)

It looks like Jenelle Evans day just went from bad, to worse. Jenelle Evans has changed her Facebook status to single, indicating that her boyfriend and babydaddy-to-be Nathan Griffith, has left the building.

We can’t say we are exactly shocked about Jenelle and Nathan’s split, she was about due for another scandalous break-up. And, the fact that her one year anniversary to her husband Courtland Rogers (who is currently incarcerated) was this week, most likely put some stress on the happy couple’s relationship. Or, maybe her other infamous ex Kieffer Delp’s release from prison this week added to Nathan and Jenelle’s stress. Either way the odds were stacked against Nathan and Jenelle, and we all seen this coming.

It seems strange that Jenelle and Nathan would split the exact same day that her pregnancy went public. Their break-up could mean one of two things. The first thing being the obvious, and that bump in Jenelle’s belly does not belong to Nathan Griffith. Or, the second possibility, Jenelle Evans may have finally found a bigger dead-beat parent than herself. Now Jenelle will know how her mother Barbara feels, it isn’t fun raising a child on your own after their parent splits.

  • allie

    This girl, she needs to get a grip.

  • Amy Lynn Miller

    Nate is from Athens, Ohio……i grew up living down the road and going to school with this (pardon my choice of words) fckin retard….he got made fun of for him stupid lisping problem that he didn’t care to fix and for being such a creep…..i’m no bit surprised to see him be such an EPIC FAIL at being a father and adult………jus sayin. So Nate, your hometown classmates want u to know we are ashamed to even have known u….what a waste of space n air the both of them are if u ask me

    • cman

      he also took steroids in high school when he was playing tennis lol

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  • taylorL

    Oh great here it comes get ready for “he beat her” and her pregnancy to end!