Jodie Foster Cheating on Alexandra Hedison With Cydney Bernard: Alexandra Freaks Out – Report

Jodie Foster Cheating on Alexandra Hedison With Cydney Bernard: Alexandra Freaks Out - Report

Jodie Foster seems like a no-nonsense kind of woman and so it really comes as no surprise that she isn’t about to deal with much drama in her relationship. Unfortunately, her partner, Alexandra Hedison is making waves and it is causing a lot of problems for the couple. Jodie split from her longtime lover, Cydney Bernard back in 2008 and in the years since the two have worked on being friends and co-parenting their sons. It has taken awhile but Jodie and Cyd are finally in a good place, one where they talk about anything and everything, every single day. Jodie considers Cyd to now be her best friend but insists that the relationship is platonic.

According to the Dec. 30th print edition of National Enquirer, Alex walked in on a phone conversation and overheard Jodie telling Cyd that she loves her and that started a blow out. Alex naturally accused Jodie of cheating and she of course said it’s simply not the case. Alex is said to be totally unnerved by how close Jodie and Cyd remain and she constantly worries that she’s going to be dropped like a hot potato when Jodie decides to reunite with her ex.

Do you think that Jodie and Cyd are still hooking up, or is this really a case of two people realizing that they are better off as good friends? Even if they are platonic it seems like Jodie has little patience for dealing with accusations and upset. Will this relationship survive this rough patch? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • Danity Donnaly

    Oh lesbian drama is the worst!

  • sharon

    Jodie seems to be very selfish and insensitive.Sbe should be spending that time with alex.Why is jodie in another room talking to her ex? It seems she is using alex for companionship and sex when cydney has the boys every other weekend. How rude.

  • michelle

    After the whole ellen fiasco alexandra does not need another public humiliation. She really needs to sort this out and be really honest about the relationship with jodie. I think that cydney is carrying a torch for jodie and is doing everything to sabotage this relationship. Why is jodie helping her move furniture? And how did the paps know to be outside cydneys residence? Why do they need to talk everyday and meet several times a week, and does alexandra knows this is going on? Or did she find out like the rest of us in the tabloids. No wonder jodie has not been able to keep a relationship together since cydney.Maybe they should get back together. I really hope alexandra gets out before any more public humiliation. She deserves better than what jodie is giving her..