Cory Monteith’s Father, Joe Monteith, Deals With Survivors Guilt After The Tragic Death of His Son

Cory Monteith's Father, Joe Monteith, Deals With Survivors Guilt After The Tragic Death of His Son

Joe Monteith has to be wondering if he could have helped his son, Cory Monteith, if he had made different choices in his own life. He and Ann McGregor were married for more than ten years before they divorced in 1989 when Cory was only 7. They were the parents of Shaun and Cory Monteith and once they split the boys lived with their mother in Victoria, British Columbia.

According to a multitude of sources Joe, a former soldier in Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, wasn’t heavily involved in Cory’s life as he grew up and that led to a hit-and-miss relationship in later years. Cory didn’t see his father much and didn’t seem to mind. He likely felt somewhat abandoned by his father and that could have easily led to his very serious addiction issues that plagued him for almost his entire life.

Cory’s last rehab stint was this past spring and while everyone said that he was clean and doing well, you have to wonder. Girlfriend Lea Michelle was openly supportive of Cory’s attempt at rehabilitation but now she must be shocked and heartbroken. He was found dead in his hotel room and authorities in Vancouver refuse to confirm that there was nothing drug-related at his bedside. That refusal is leading many to speculate that Cory likely died of an overdose. An autopsy will be performed today.

I have to wonder, after the fact, if Joe is wishing that he was around a bit more to guide his often troubled son. Can you imagine looking back and wishing you had done more? That’s likely something that Joe will be left to live with. Joe currently lives with his second wife in St. John, New Brunswick – practically on the opposite side of huge Canada from Joe’s mom.

Glee was gearing up for its fifth season when news of Cory’s death arrived. How do you think that the show will go on without Cory? His character, Finn Hudson was one of the cornerstones to the show so how can they save it and honor his memory? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • There are always the what-ifs.

  • Jocelyn

    How sad is this :( there is always “shoulda coulda woulda’s”

  • Angel 2009

    Burying your child is devastating enough without the emotional burden of regrets.
    Rest in peace Cory.