Johnny Depp’s Children In Deep Trouble After Vanessa Paradis Split – But He’s In Denial

Johnny Depp's Children In Deep Trouble After Vanessa Paradis Split But He's In Denial

Johnny Depp is considered one of the most attractive entertainers on Earth. His kooky cockiness is naturally seductive. He’s doesn’t really dig playing the fame game, he allows his impeccable art to speak for itself. Through his ongoing roster of A List films, he’s managed to keep his love life private, but it’s no private matter – Depp can have any woman (or man) of his dreams. If Angelina Jolie would tongue kiss her own brother, imagine what she did to Johnny Depp during the filming of The Tourist?

On CBS recently The Lone Ranger lied through his smoke stained teeth, claiming his children handled the break-up between him and their mother, aging beauty, Vanessa Paradis really well. The 50-year-old actor and the 40-year-old French singer/actress ended their 14-year relationship (never put a ring on it) in 2012, but Depp insists their kids, Lily-Rose, 14, and 11-year-old Jack, were able to accept the split because the couple handled the situation with care and were honest with them.

Johnny said: ‘When you have children, there is no room for lies, no room for anything but the truth. Anything other than that is a bad example, I believe. ‘The swagged out senior citizen insisted he was ‘Extremely proud’ and impressed with how well his children reacted to the news. “We were just very truthful with them and they were just incredibly understanding, incredibly accepting. I was extremely proud of them, the way they dealt with it.’’

Johnny Depp's Children In Deep Trouble After Vanessa Paradis Split But He's In Denial

Sounds like Willy Wonka to anyone who loves their mother. Is he insane? Or has he not seen Miley Cyrus’ ‘twerk’ video & her desperate new hairdo? Angelina Jolie has never forgiven her father, for cheating on her mother in the heat of his career. Does he know what life is like for Paris Jackson? Rumors say he has his own island, so does he even know of Paris Jackson?

Meanwhile, Johnny Depp’s relationship with his Rum Diary costar Amber Heard appears to be getting serious.

The blonde newby, 27, flew to Moscow last week to spend time with her man while he promoted his new film, The Lone Ranger.

Despite the presence of photographers, the couple appeared happy to be seen holding hands as they went for dinner at one of the city’s top restaurants. She’s needs a career boost, and was tired of playing the sideline. Obviously, they’ve been smashing for years. So he left his babies’ moma for a younger version. Typical upgrade. Winona “Joker Face” Rider got a recent facelift, in hopes for another shot at the acclaimed actor. The kids will be cool, but only until they’re old enough to realize how their dad wasted their mother’s youth and time.

He may be a rotten dog, but would you let Edward Scissor Hands hit ‘it’ anyway?

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  • patty c

    It’s called the “Jolie Curse”. Brad even commented about it once in an interview.

  • Angel 2009

    JD is too enamored with his new bimbo to notice much – adolescents need special attention when dealing with their parents split.

  • shockadelica

    Wow celebrity dirty laundry! just because they broke up and he’s now with his costar that means that he was cheating on her and left her for his costar? Well guess what maybe they just broke up? maybe she left him? we don’t know what happened but of course the juiciest story is he cheated and left! The fact that they just didn’t work it out is too nicely of a story for people. Wow!

  • sara

    whats makes a man to leave the woman he bean with for 14 years unless he already cheated it on her with someone else …hint costar his shit

  • drdebo cherry


  • Evelyn B

    first off , I think as long as the kids don’t ever perceive themselves as cause of a break up, and they get the love and attention from both parents afterwards, they will be ok not all kids from split families run off the rails..i believe he is very close to his kids, he almost lost Lily Rose w some illness she had when she was younger.. they seem grounded, his kids.. and I thought Amber played for the other team…? lol

  • Starlet 1

    Im lol & smdh @ this

  • Pfft~

    There’s a place reserved in the deepest, darkest pit of hell for the sorry and pathetic individual who wrote this article.

  • lori

    JD way hotter than Brad Pitt…..Pitt has literally gone to the pits after being with Angelina (cheater)….
    I thought Vanessa was the one that cheated first, rumours had that mentioned, she left him for another, what does that make her…kids will be fine, he’s such a doting father

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  • jack

    She is home wrecker, lesbian, and like a porn star in every movie.Until last spring she had relationship with a girl, Marie de villepin, before that she had 4 years relationship with tasya van ree , now she became straight??? She pretend doesn’t use Johnny’s name but everybody knows before this ,there isn’t any name of her. It’s a shame for Johnny after 14 years and two children ,he choices a girl who is lesbian (she came out 2010 and now she is straight???)and half of his age, he destroyed his respect and popularity. it’s shame for his children .