Justin Bieber Faced Arrest For Drug Smuggling And Vulgar Slur In Australia

Justin Bieber Faced Arrest For Drug Smuggling And Vulgar Slur In Australia

Justin Bieber continues to build on his stellar track record and sterling reputation in the media. His latest shenanigans have almost gotten him arrested in Australia, thanks to a possible drug bust and a particularly vulgar slur about vaginas.

According to TMZ, Justin and his entourage were detained in Brisbane airport in Australia on drug charges, when the police found weed on one of Justin’s pals. Apparently, Justin decided to use plenty of inappropriate language with the guards, and was only let go after several warnings. According to reports, he called a female customs agent a ‘female vagina‘, shouting the slurs at her. A female vagina? As opposed to what, a male vagina??

Why is this not surprising? Justin’s known to have a potty mouth, and he already thinks he’s above facing responsibility for his actions. Just for once, he actually should get arrested and thrown in jail for a couple of days – maybe then he’ll understand that he’s not special and should stop acting like he’s invincible.

Although the Australian Federal Police confirmed that all of this went down a couple of weeks ago, they also add that no charges were put against Justin, just the member of his entourage caught with weed. See, this is grossly unfair. If it was anybody else, i.e. if it was anybody NOT famous, they would have gotten arrested for using the word ‘vagina’ against a customs officer. But no, because it’s Justin, the officers probably didn’t want negative publicity and let it go. Ugh, sickening. The more he gets away this kind of thing, the more he’ll continue to partake in it.

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