Justin Bieber’s Documentary ‘Believe’ Tanks at Box Office: Economic Consequence of his Bratty Behavior?

Justin Bieber's Documentary 'Believe' Tanks at Box Office: Economic Consequence of his Bratty Behavior?

Justin Bieber thought that by announcing his “retirement” he’d generate some buzz for his new documentary, Believe, which hit theaters this Christmas. However, according to box office numbers, it seems as if his publicity stunt was an epic fail, as Believe proved to be a major flop. The movie only raked in $1.25 million dollars opening weekend and didn’t even make it onto the Top 10 list. It finished at #14, a major burn for Bieber’s franchise, which is used to coming out on top.

Open Road Films released the movie on Christmas Day, thinking it would lure in his biggest fans, but the draw just wasn’t there to make the film a grand success. Perhaps Bieber’s recent brattiness, his “I rule the world” complex, is leaving his fans with a bad taste in their mouths. Are they ready to move on from Beebz, leave him in the dust and find a new pop star to oggle at?

On Christmas Eve, the night before the film’s release, Bieber posted the following message on his Twitter: “My beloved beliebers I’m officially retiring.”

While this was some lame — and obvious — attempt to drum up publicity, I don’t think anyone (media and fans) took the note seriously. He might be taking a break, but I don’t think anyone on his team would let this money-maker retire so early. Even though his movie might’ve tanked at the box office, Bieber’s still going strong in the music industry and in the hearts of fans . . . . BUT, it’s worth asking, how much longer will he be relevant in the always-changing landscape of Hollywood? Maybe his recent movie gives us an answer: not much longer.

What are your thoughts on the matter. Is Bieber “Officially Retiring?”