Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel’s Marriage Over: Jessica Sees Divorce Lawyers After Public Screaming Match (PHOTO)

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel's Marriage Over: Jessica Sees Divorce Lawyers After Public Screaming Match (PHOTO)

I think we all saw this one coming- the moment that Justin Timberlake showed up to co-host Saturday Night Live two weeks ago without his wife of 14 months the rumors started. Jessica Biel was missing from the rehearsals and then was also absent from the live show and SNL’s big after party so their marriage must be doomed. The truth is, maybe it is. Maybe JT’s wandering eye has returned or according to the Jan. 13th print edition of OK Magazine any issues eating away at the couple could likely involve starting a family.

Justin was supposedly ready to start a family when the couple married but quickly backed off the idea when he realized that a good deal of this past year would be spent promoting his two albums. Rumor has it that JT’s shift in focus has rubbed his bored wife the wrong way and it’s one of the reasons that she seems a little less supportive of the career that he is clearly putting first. Are they actually on the rocks? Well if you listen to OK it sure sounds like it!

We have watched for awhile now as Kim Kardashian seems to have slowly but surely placed herself under Kanye West’s thumb. He is calling the shots and dictating how Kim lives her life and according to the latest issue of OK, he actually has her on a 600 calorie a day diet. It’s pretty obvious that Kim didn’t lose her baby weight the good old fashioned way and now that she has been nipped and tucked into place Kanye wants to be sure that Kim stays that way. Do you believe that Kim is all but starving herself to make her man happy? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • carrie

    and if she was not there,just because she ‘s pregnant and her pregnancy is difficult?