Kanye West is Obsessed With The Hunger Games Franchise – Seen Catching Fire Many Times

Kanye West is Obsessed With The Hunger Games Franchise - Seen Catching Fire Many Times

Ah here we go. Leave it to Kanye West to attach himself to something already hot so that he can grab a bit more attention for his sorry self. One of his very first dates with baby mama, Kim Kardashian was to see The Hunger Games and Kanye is said to be obsessed with the franchise. According to the Dec. 23rd print edition of In Touch Kanye has already seen the second installment, Catching Fire on three different occasions. He supposedly has gone all fan-girl and can talk for hours about the movies, reliving every detail that was laid out on screen.

Kanye is smart enough to realize that if he can piggy back a ride on the Hunger Games popularity then it’s one thing that makes him relatable to the general public. That’s not to say that he wants to be like us, make no mistake he does not. Kanye still believes that he is far above you, me and everyone that we have ever met, but he also realizes that his Q rating is dropping faster than Kimmie’s panties and he needs to do something quick.

Do you think that Kanye can garner any fans by making it known that he loves The Hunger Games?” Is it just a crazy ploy to make people like him or do you think he is consciously trying to benefit from all the talk about the hottest franchise around at the moment?  Does this golden nugget of info change how you already feel about the arrogant rapper? Do you think that his Q rating will continue to nosedive, pulling Kim down with him? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • Angel 2009

    Makes no difference whatever he does. And his Q score didn’t dive until after he hooked up with Kimmode – it’s the Kardashian Kurse.