Kate Gosselin Gives the Scoop on Her Perfect Man: He Must Have it All!

Kate Gosselin Gives the Scoop on Her Perfect Man: He Must Have it All!

Kate Gosselin is a single mom busy with many children, and she’s completely open to welcoming a man into her life, so long as “he’s got it all.” Nobody is really sure what that means; however, in a tweet, Kate compared her perfect man to Amazon.com, the popular online shopping platform, and insinuates that if the technological wonder were to somehow grow arms, legs, a brain, and some humanity . . . . well, she’d be all over him.

“Recently, I told a friend ‘If @amazon was a man, I’d marry him in a minute! He’s got it all!’ Hahaha! I order daily and find it all! :)” After unleashing this tweet, some of her fans did not react well to the comment, taking it to mean that the only thing Kate values is money (i.e. she’s a gold digger). Some of the responses were, to say the least, extremely blunt.

“Wow. Kate you admit you’re a gold digger,” one commenter said, “We all knew you were; just interesting to see you admit it in print.” Another says: “Interesting how she sees Amazon as a sugar daddy and that she WANTS a sugar daddy not partner!” And my favorite . . . . “It sounds like she thought that comment would trend and Amazon would hire her for commercials…”

What do you think about Kate’s comment? It seems like, no matter what she says, she’s always attacked for the things she posts on Twitter. She’s trying so hard to rebuild her image but, unfortunately, the things she says aren’t doing her any good — especially when it comes to rallying support for her ongoing “Give me a reality show” efforts.

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  • Karkar

    She’s a vile hag. No man wants to date a woman so disgusting as her.

  • allie

    I’m sure there’s not a man out there that would risk being with Kate. I’d be afraid.

  • dessertgirl

    Amazon is smart enough to see the disgust and hatred that EVERYONE has for Kate. She just as well trot down to McDonald’s for a job because no station, hospital or doctor will ever hire her and it goes without saying that most men do not want to be a sugar daddy to a vile hag and 8 annoying kids.

  • dessertgirl

    It gives a good shot of the complete set of new teeth that her kids wanted her to have.

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