Kate Gosselin Drops Lawsuit Against Robert Hoffman and Jon Gosselin: Afraid To Testify

Kate Gosselin Drops Lawsuit Against Robert Hoffman and Jon Gosselin: Afraid To Testify

A lot can happen in a few weeks – like a change of heart or coming to one’s senses – just ask Kate Gosselin. Up until a few days ago Kate seemed like she was ready to move forward with the multi-million dollar lawsuit she filed against ex-husband Jon Gosselin and author Robert Hoffman, but RadarOnline has reported that Kate asked for “voluntary dismissal” with prejudice – meaning that this same suit cannot be refiled against both Jon and Robert.

Kate filed suit against Jon and Robert back in August over the book Robert penned titled, Kate Gosselin – How She Fooled The World. The suit wasn’t entirely over defamation of character – no she wasn’t contesting the validity of the information in the book per say but rather the method in which it was obtained. Kate argued that Jon obtained the information used by Robert to write his self-published book through illegal means including hacking, identity theft, and wiretapping. She also accused Jon of invasion of privacy. At the time her lawyer released a statement saying,

“Jon violated a federal anti-hacking statute in order to publish salacious, scandalous and defamatory information about Kate. It’s damaged her reputation.”

There are many reasons that could have led to Kate dropping the lawsuit against both men, but likely it is because this suit was costing her money and she was fighting a losing battle. To go through with the suit would mean having to answer some very uncomfortable question with the risk of perjury if she lied. What I am trying to say is the term, “she didn’t have a leg to stand on,” applies in this situation, and in fighting it Kate risked not just losing the case but possibly exposing more negative information about herself in the process. So Kate folded.

Due to the lawsuit Robert’s book was pulled from Amazon after only two days so what will be interesting to see is if he re-releases his book now that the suit has been dismissed – or if an agreement was reached to insure this book stays unpublished. Only time will tell and at this point the damage already appears to have been done.

  • allie

    This woman will get everything she deserves.

  • dessertgirl

    Can’t wait for Robert’s book to come out. He will sell more in one day that Kate’s cookbook will sell in a year. I guess she now realizes that all publicity is not good or the same and that to keep your face in the press does not get you a job in show biz or in local nursing for that fact. Any potential employer will search the social media sites and see how miserable, unhappy and despised Kate is and they won’t want to hire her. Perhaps the only job she can get is cleaning other people’s houses, that is if they TRUST her.