Kate Gosselin Looks Ragged and Desperate As “Celebrity Wife Swap” Airs This Week

Kate Gosselin Looks Ragged and Desperate As "Celebrity Wife Swap" Airs This Week

I love how Kate Gosselin wants moms everywhere to believe that she is exactly like us. She’s just a typical soccer mom that lives and breathes through her children, does school projects with them and requires copious amounts of coffee to survive each day. In between all of that she is obsessed with finding new and often ridiculous ways to keep herself in the press. If that means using her kids to snag another show then so be it. That tendency I would say, most definitely separates Kate from the rest of us for sure.

The d-list reality star consistently faces backlash for everything that she does and this last month has clearly taken a toll. She recently started mommy-blogging over at The Stir and has caught shade because even when talking about her kids she manages to make herself the center of attention. Last year she successfully blocked a tell-all book that would have completely buried her parenting skills. Well that little ditty is back after the tiniest bit of retooling and this time Kate’s not so sure that she’ll be able to halt it from being mass marketed.

Kate decided that she needed to take yet another crack at reality television and signed on for an episode of Celebrity Wife Swap which airs Feb. 26th.  It hasn’t even aired yet and already Kate is being vilified for leaving her eight kids with a complete stranger for a week, as if their lives haven’t been disrupted enough over the years. The experience was hard on the kids according to sources close to them and it’s going to be hard for Kate to turn this episode into a positive thing from even her fans perspective.

All of this equals a whole lot of stress for the single mother and recent sightings prove that it’s taking a toll. Kate looks pale and run down. I wonder how she’ll feel after her episode airs and she faces backlash for whatever stupidity occurred during filming!

Do you wish Kate would realize once and for all that she needs to give up the dream of becoming an A list celeb and instead just try to lead a stable life? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!