Is Kate Gosselin A Loving Mom Or A Rich, Lazy Poseur?

Is Kate Gosselin A Loving Mom Or A Rich, Lazy Poseur?

Kate Gosselin has been all over our radar lately—everywhere we turn, she’s blogging about grocery shopping, sharing photos of family fun, and commenting on how blessed she is. Of course, there’s a fair share of complaining and a lot of self-victimization. We’ve been mostly on team Kate since her comeback, but aren’t doing so naively! We’ve asked before: is Kate a total poser, or a sincerely devoted mother?

Raising eight kids is hard. You know what makes it easier? Having several New York Times bestselling autobiographies and a couple million in the bank. I know, I know, money can’t buy love or good parenting or patience. You know what it can buy? Help. Kate is constantly happy-complaining (new word! Definition: to complain with self-righteous optimism, as if to demonstrate one’s own success. A variation of humble bragging) about her on-the-go lifestyle. I don’t doubt she logs a lot of miles playing chauffeur. But she has money to burn! She can hire teams of nannies and house cleaners and gardeners and tutors to help out.

We read your comments. Some of you are totally team Kate, and are thrilled to see her pushing on and living each day with a smile. Others? Well, some of you might be called a bit pessimistic and scathing. You say that she’s rich, chose to have 8 kids, and is still a fame whore, despite all the home made bread she bakes. So why haven’t you heard a truly anti-Kate story from me? Well, I try to keep it positive (except when it comes to the Kardashians—I would love to see them all decked in Old Navy working 9-5 jobs at a fast food restaurant). I’m not normally a fan of people reforming themselves, but make allowances when kids are involved. Kate has eight children who didn’t choose to be born. Whether she’s a ruthless fame whore or not, we want her to be good mom to them.

Right now, Kate may be planning a super-sneaky comeback, which is dependent on establishing herself as a loving mom. And that’s fine. As long as she’s going through the motions of being a good parent, her kids will be okay. I mean, we all need a few years of therapy to sort out childhood trauma, right? And maybe one day the motions will become real. Fake it till you make it! Do you think Kate is a huge phony, or just a mom trying to do her best? Do you think she can reform herself at this point, or once a fame whore, always a fame whore?

Photo Credit: FameFlynet