Kate Gosselin Stealing From Her Kids To Buy More Plastic Surgery and a Boyfriend Bodyguard

Kate Gosselin Stealing From Her Kids To Buy More Plastic Surgery and a Boyfriend Bodyguard

According to the latest issue of the ever-reliable Star Magazine, Kate Gosselin is stealing money from her children and ‘blowing money’ on plastic surgery and her own ‘hunky’ bodyguard’.

One of the biggest reasons that Kate is in such dire financial straits is because she couldn’t manage her money properly, and it’s unfortunate that she’s doing the same to her children’s money. This is why ‘momagers’ are such a danger in the entertainment industry – because child actors and children who earned money in Hollywood don’t have access to their income until they’re much older, there’s a risk that their parents will take all their money. It’s happened to many child stars before, which is why we see so many cases of emancipation.

Kate’s kids are still too young to know anything, and they’re too young to have realized how much money they also made with Jon and Kate Plus Eight. Jon Gosselin‘s broke, Kate’s spent all her money, and the only thing left is now is the kids’ money. And with the amount of plastic surgery Kate reportedly indulges in on a regular basis, she’s not going to be able to sustain on that income for long, either.

She’s lucky they already have a house, but at this rate, her children’s futures don’t look too bright. Education, food, and college for eight kids isn’t going to come cheap, especially if she uses up all their savings before they turn 18.

What do you guys think? Is Kate actually taking her children’s money and using it on herself? Or is the report exaggerating the truth? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

  • Angel 2009

    The highly touted cookbook was a miserable flop and she has no discernible income or job – raiding the kids bank account is about the only other option. Disgusting useless woman!

  • debbiehm

    She refinanced the house only a few years ago..It isn’t even worth the amount owed on it now, so even the house is not “really” theirs…If something happens and she can’t make the payments, they will foreclose on it…

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