Kate Gosselin Tweets About San Francisco Flight Victims – Why Is She Always Commenting On Tragedies?

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Kate Gosselin has made it a habit of hers to comment on Twitter every time a tragedy occurs in the US. Of course, this is normal for a lot of celebrities, and I wouldn’t think twice about it if it weren’t for her Twitter history. When the Boston bombings happened, Kate decided to take to her Twitter mere days after the tragedy and then ask people to join her in a marathon. Like, really?!

Of course, that’s just one example, and there are many, many more. So when Kate decides to tweet about a tragedy, we’ve just started to assume that there’s always an ulterior motive. In this scenario, it’s probably damage control after her racist Twitter photo last week.

Kate Gosselin Tweets About San Francisco Flight Victims – Why Is She Always Commenting On Tragedies?

When the image first surfaced, everyone was quick to call Kate a racist, even though she has a bunch of half-Asian children. She has since revealed that the picture was a joke, but others remained unconvinced. Something like that doesn’t go away too easily, and it’s even harder for someone like Kate since she doesn’t exactly have a pristine image.

Thus, ever since the ‘racist’ allegations, she’s been tweeting constantly about hanging out with her children and playing with her children, and now the SFO crash tweet.

The exact tweet read, “Watching the news off and on since last night…my heart goes out to all victims and families of Asiana flight 214. So scary and sad! :(“ 

We see what you’re doing Kate, and it’s definitely a solid try. But after that kind of controversy, it’s going to take a lot more than a bunch of tweets to fix your image – not that it was all that great to begin with.

What do you guys think of Kate’s tweet? Do you think she was being genuine, or do you think she was doing it to gain attention? Let us know in the comments.

Kate Gosselin Tweets About San Francisco Flight Victims – Why Is She Always Commenting On Tragedies?

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  • conroemom

    EVERYTHING she does is for attention,

    • debbiehm

      I second that motion:)…

  • Angel 2009

    She needs Tweehab, stat!

  • Dadsarepeople2

    She has never ever meant kindness via tweet post tragedy. It is self serving. It’s funny …. All the story’s that came out a few years ago about her abuse claims ( and they were down right abusive ) kate never ever addressed
    Them?? I would consider those stories tragedies yet she never ever cleared it up. There is tragedy in her house everyday. It’s like a compound – they can’t go anywhere or do anything. Just like the tragedy fundraiser she went to and took gifts worth hundreds instead of putting back into auction – kate is self serving !!

  • Dadsarepeople2

    By the way – I hope kate gets caught with the purchase of twitter followers- if you look at these tweeters they tweet kate 1 time and never again- they are PAID and BOUGHT for followers. Pitiful – repetitive sayings – what a coincidence.