Kate Middleton Attends Scouts Event, Does She Support Institutional Homophobia? (Photos)

Kate Middleton Attends Scouts Event, Does She Support Institutional Homophobia? (Photos) 0322

Has Kate Middleton changed places with Kim Kardashian? Who is this woman doing all this work? And her people aren’t shouting it from the rooftops either. This scouting event wasn’t announced weeks ago. I just heard about it today a few hours before I saw the pics. Extra work and down low coverage? Someone’s been reading that hate mail and doing their homework.

Thanks to Duchess Kate website we know that Kate took a two and a half hour train ride to Oxenholme this morning where she met with twenty other volunteers at the 250-acre scout activity center and spent some time with children ranging from 6-10 years old who are members of the Beaver and the Cub Scouts. Kate Middleton and her baby “braved the elements” (it was snowing a little) as she toured the facility, cooked dough on the fire and took loads on pics in an effort to bring awareness to the fact that the scouts need more adult volunteers. Fine. Whatever. It’s nice she did it. She’s a scout volunteer for the scout association or something. It’s not child trafficking or child illiteracy but it’s a start. I just hope she tackles more intense problems in the future. She has passionate views about things, remember? I’m guessing Sandi Toksvig is not impressed today.

Speaking of more hard hitting subjects… do the UK scouts have the same anti-gay issues going as the American scouts? There’s been so much in the news about our homosexual exclusion policy. It’s just interesting since Kate Middleton’s brother is thought to be gay. James Middleton has recently come out and announced he liked chicks but many just used that as evidence that he’s protesting too much to be straight. Whatever, it’s just a thought.

Am I sick for only caring about the Duchess’ jeans? I keep trying to get a better angle on the pics to see if these are the same J Brand jeans she has worn forever. If so that would piss me off! I’m about a far along as she is and I recently had to leave me skinny jeans behind and size up. Damn you Kate for making me feel like shit today! Her hat is super cute though, right?

Photo Credit: UK Scouting Twitter

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