Camilla Parker-Bowles Preventing Prince Charles From Visiting Baby Prince George and Kate Middleton While They Live With “The Commoners” In Bucklebury

Camilla Parker-Bowles Preventing Prince Charles From Visiting Baby Prince George and Kate Middleton While They Live With "The Commoners" In Bucklebury

According to a new report from the GLOBE, Camilla Parker-Bowles has been preventing Prince Charles from visiting his newborn grandson, Prince George, while he’s staying at the Middletons, for not wanting to mingle with the ‘commoners.’  It doesn’t matter to cruel Camilla that her husband’s son, Prince William, and daughter-in-law, Kate Middelton live there now.

Is anyone surprised by this story? Anyone at all? I mean, the battle of the grandparents has just begun, but you can bet that Camilla isn’t going to spend any time at Bucklebury unless she absolutely has no choice. In this case, she does have a choice, and she’s made it. And not only has she made the choice, but she’s made it for Charles as well. Forget trying to get closer to the baby, she’s already alienating the rest of the family as well. And poor Charles has to suffer the consequences.

Actually, I don’t really think Charles gives a damn. He’s probably grateful that the baby wasn’t a girl so they wouldn’t have to worry about changing the laws, and while I’m sure he’s happy about having a grandson, I don’t think he really cares that much. I mean, he barely cared when his own sons were born, why would he care about a grandson?

Based on how much time Prince George will be spending in Bucklebury with the Middletons, I have a feeling that the war has permanently shifted in the Middletons favor. They are spending more time with him, and as a result, he will be closer to them. It’s Will’s and Kate’s wish that he spends time closer to ‘normalcy’, which is very sweet of them to want to give him that. Obviously, things will change when he grows up, and if Camilla had anything to do with it. But thankfully, she does not, and she hopefully never will. But if Charles is made king, well – they better watch out.

Camilla Parker-Bowles Preventing Prince Charles From Visiting Prince George and Kate Middleton While They Live With The "Commoners" In Bucklebury

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  • thebutcher

    There is one good thing though, camilla will die. I’m guessing with a bottle in her hand

    • Nick S.

      Your profile name makes your posting slightly scarier LOL.

      • thebutcher

        Thank you

  • SpringBeauty

    I’m not sure “normalcy” is the proper goal for this child. He will never have a normal life, and will always be a figurehead monarch forced to attend archaic rituals and mandated ribbon cuttings, etc, til he draws his last breath. It’s probabbly a welcomed oasis for William, however. Charles will go visit , if he chooses, with or without his gin soaked wifey.

    • Nick S.

      Nope, no normal times for that lil’ glorious baby nugget.

  • Angel 2009

    I’m sure Charles is fully informed daily about William and his new family and perfectly able to visit whenever he wishes.

  • Victoria McGuire

    Camilla is a commoner and could never order Charles to not visit his family. He should get some balls and divorce her ASAP.

    • Nick S.

      royal balls lol #amiright

  • Pj Little

    Although Charles is a tad bit stuffy. I have a hunch that if he went to Buckleberry (without the long-suffering wife and a dozen roral guards) he would be treated like a welcomed neighbor. Charles and Kate’s father have more in common than they do in differences. Baby George is just one. They both ride and have gardens.

    I wonder when the last time Charles was invited for a beer and cards?. It would be good for him to leave his title on a shelf and go play in the grass with his grandson. Shirts and baby clothes do wash.

    Charles only has one chance at being the paternal grandfather. He should take advantage of it while he can. He may learn the Middleton’s are a class act after all.