Camilla Parker-Bowles Calls Kate Middleton Daily To Say That Prince William Will Cheat

Camilla Parker-Bowles Calls Kate Middleton Daily To Say That Prince William Will Cheat

When Kate Middleton was weeks away from delivering Prince George Queen Elizabeth really laid down the law with Camilla Parker-Bowles. She was to stay a mile from Kate and her baby thanks in great part to Camilla’s relentless attacks on Prince William’s wife. The last thing a pregnant woman needs to hear is how her husband will eventually choose a mistress that he truly loves and that is precisely the kind of garbage that Camilla was dishing out at Kate. Intervention was needed and Camilla was pushed back from Kate and her new family, but that doesn’t mean that she has been out of touch.

According to the Sept. 2nd print edition of National Enquirer, Camilla calls Kate every day to check on her new grandson. While that sounds like a doting grandmother move it’s absolutely intended to push Kate’s buttons. Those daily calls remind Kate that Camilla isn’t going anywhere and that as soon as the ban has been lifted she’ll be right back in Kate’s face saying whatever she can to unravel the duchess.

Ironically, when talking to the press now Camilla is gushing about the new baby while behind the scenes she’s filled with bitter resentment for Prince George as she blames him for William quite likely sitting atop the throne next. If not for his birth Prince Charles might still have the upper hand in terms of being the next ruler of England which would have put Camilla on the throne as Queen right beside him. So you can bet those phone calls to Kate are tinged with resentment and icy comments.

Would you take Camilla’s calls if you were Kate? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Camilla Parker-Bowles Calls Kate Middleton Daily To Say That Prince William Will Cheat

  • D Texas

    This is a litte silly. She would have stopped picking up the phone by now…

  • Diane K. Moss

    Camilla, leave the Duchess Kate alone! Prince William will not cheat on Kate! He loves Kate very much! Queen Elizabeth isn’t going to allow you to make fun of Kate and torment her! If you try to ban William and Kate from visiting the Queen, then William and Kate won’t get upset at all! The Queen will want to visit William ,Kate and Prince George during the Holidays! You can’t tell the Queen what to do because she is the Queen. You will have to curtsy to the Queen. The Queen will have the final decision not you!

  • thebutcher

    It would be great revenge since diane was MURDERED

  • Betty

    It is sad that a real human as beautiful inside and out as Kate is, has to condone something like this Carmella garbage, or be in the same area, picture, etc. at any time.
    Everyone is aware of what Carmella is, and her so called husband. They fool no one. You can dress a sow in silk but it’s still a pig.