Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth Dispute Over Prince George Sends Camilla Parker-Bowles Into Hiding

Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth Dispute Over Prince George Sends Camilla Parker-Bowles Into Hiding

Every family seems to have that one wild card member that shows up to family functions and destroys everything. At best you end up on eggshells hoping for the best while anticipating bad behavior. The royal family is absolutely no different than the rest of us and Camilla Parker-Bowles is THAT relative that everyone simply tolerates, at best. She tries to bully people into respecting her but it never really works and that approach just leaves her more hated than before.

We previously told you that Queen Elizabeth banned Camilla from being anywhere near Kate Middleton and Prince George after her brief introduction to the baby at St. Mary’s Hospital. It’s a situation that is only fanning Camilla’s already built-in rage. She has been on yet another alcoholic bender since Prince George’s birth because his arrival has all but made Prince William a lock for the next King of England. Camilla is furious with everyone including her husband, Prince Charles who simply refuses to stand up to his mother ever.

Camilla wants Charles to fight for the throne but aside from never defying his mother, he also has no true desire to be king so seeing William ascend the throne is fine with him. Camilla is a mess because she fears her dream of being queen is now a long shot at best and she can’t even get near Kate or the baby – both of whom she passionately envies.

Charles is said to be ignoring his wife’s tirades and no one else is paying much attention to Camilla either so she is left to just stew in a mix of gin and rage. It’s probably a good thing she isn’t allowed near Prince George. I certainly wouldn’t want her handling my baby, would you want her anywhere near yours? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • SpringBeauty

    I doubt Camilla would intentionally hurt the baby, and would not be allowed to hold the babe if drunk.

  • misti

    She shouldn’t be allowed to hold anyone’s baby if she is on a bender. She is, however, a royal outcast due to her affair with a married man and having no remorse for it.

  • Mrs. PJ Perry

    Heaven help the British Empire if this ‘dragon’ ever ascends to the throne!! As for the brand new Prince, Camilla the gorilla has no right to be in the baby’s company. She bullied (or tried to!) Kate from Day One, and certainly never tried to make friends with her…why on earth would Kate allow her to become close to the wee one?? I’d be terrified the dragon would drop the baby..deliberately or accidentally . to try to eliminate what she views as her “competition”!! She should be consigned/exiled to the wilds of Wales forevermore~!

  • thebutcher

    You sound like the jealous camilla. Get a life

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  • Sukysgirl

    Heard the family refer to the ‘grandmother’ as Ga Ga… Short for ‘Gag Hag’. The Brits have accepted her but most in the U.S. never will. Gag Hag and the Doofus used Diana. Gag Hag actually helped choose Lady Di as wife for Doofus.