Kate Middleton and Prince William Bar Camilla Parker-Bowles From Dream Home

Kate Middleton and Prince William Bar Camilla Parker-Bowles From Dream Home

Kensington Palace is where Prince William and Kate Middleton are expected to raise their family for the most part, but the couple is also sinking 4 million dollars into renovating Anmer Hall, a property two hours outside of London that Queen Elizabeth gave to William as a gift. The property is worth 10 million and isn’t exactly shabby as it stands. The young couple has opted to turn it into a secluded summer home and is sinking a ton of money (not their own, don’t worry) into ensuring that every inch of the estate is private.

According to the April 22nd print edition of Life & Style, William and Kate absolutely love the property and are doing everything to make sure that the family time that they’ll be spending there is as serene as possible. William is in charge of construction and all safety concerns while Kate will handle decorating. She especially loves a London furniture store called, OKA and expects to enjoy a shopping spree there once the final renovations are complete.

Kate Middleton and Prince William Bar Camilla Parker-Bowles From Dream Home

William is said to be taking every precaution imaginable to ensure that Kate’s privacy will never be invaded while at Anmer Hall. He is more aware of how hungry the paps are after those topless photos of his wife were snapped last year as the couple vacationed in France, and then again in Mustique. He knows there can never be a repeat occurrence and he also wants to protect the privacy of the baby that he and Kate are expecting in mid-July.

Let’s be real here, I’m sure the couple also needs an escape from the likes of Camilla Parker-Bowles, William’s step mother that refuses to even attempt to hide her jealousy and hatred of Kate. I’m sure putting two hours distance between themselves and her can only help the tranquility within their own little family!

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  • Cynthia

    Anmer Hall will be their country home, equivalent to Highgrove for Charles. Knowing William, he’s not going to want his kids to live in the city all the time. He’ll want them to be free to run and play outdoors!


    **** them all

  • WaityCrotchMonkey

    Waity and Camilla are similar, neither one has any class.

  • Wlls will make a wonderful papa.he is attuned to the old as well as the modern ways of kids growing up.He and Kate will make wonderful adoring common sense parents.