Kate Middleton and Prince William Ban Camilla Parker-Bowles From Royal Baby and Hospital – Prince Charles Pays The Price!

Kate Middleton and Prince William Ban Camilla Parker-Bowles From Royal Baby and Hospital

The birth of the royal baby seems to have everyone floating on air for at least a moment or two. The royals are over the moon about the latest addition to the monarchy but don’t think for a minute that this family is any less dysfunctional than anyone elses. Today we are expecting Kate Middleton and Prince William to stroll out the same front door of St. Mary’s Hospital that Princess Diana did 31 years ago while carrying her firstborn. It’s already a bittersweet moment for William because he was very close to his mother and he has obviously grown into exactly the kind of man that she had hoped to raise. Not being able to share the birth of his boy with her is no doubt weighing heavily.

Camilla Parker-Bowles, the woman that was always smack in the middle of his parents’ marriage will also not be on hand to meet her new step-grandson today. Instead she and Prince Charles will be bopping between Yorkshire and Wales, not necessarily by choice. Camilla has hated Kate from the get go and she hasn’t exactly tried to hide it either. During their last carriage ride a few weeks ago Camilla harassed Kate so badly that she broke into tears while Prince Harry told his evil stepmother to shut the hell up.

At that point Queen Elizabeth was rumored to have warned Camilla to stay a mile from Kate and her baby until further notice and apparently that ban hasn’t been lifted. The Middleton’s are currently at the hospital but Camilla is miles away and Prince Charles is assuming his typical whipped dog position and doing as his wife says rather than rushing to support his son!

Do you blame the royals from keeping Camilla away? I sure wouldn’t want her around my new baby, would you? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!