Prince George’s First Christmas: Queen Elizabeth Shocked as Kate Middleton and Prince William Continue To Break Royal Tradition

Prince George's First Christmas: Queen Elizabeth Shocked as Kate Middleton and Prince William Continue To Break Royal Tradition

It’s surprising to some how Prince William and Kate Middleton appear to have stuck to their guns, despite royal pressure to conform to the rules and traditions that have existed for hundreds of years. Of course their advisers recognize that times have changed and if the royals are to be loved and respected they need to adapt.

According to an exclusive from Life & Style, there’s many ways that Will and Kate are breaking royal tradition for George’s first Christmas. First of all, they’re reportedly stating their preference for ‘cheap and quirky‘ gifts as opposed to the traditional royal opulence.

Then, Queen Elizabeth has also reportedly invited the Middletons over for Christmas, which is traditionally a royals-only vacation. A source explains, “It’s hugely important to Kate and William that her family is with them.” Well, duh. I think everyone’s already understood that, considering both Kate and Will spent the first few months of George’s house with the Middletons and not with the royals.

The rumored 30-person guest list for Christmas will all come to Sandringham, and along with William, Kate, and the Middletons, the guests will include Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles, Prince Harry, Prince Andrew, Prince Anne, and Prince Edward, just to name a few. There’s certainly less snubs here than there were at the Christening,no?

To cap it all off, the source adds that Will and Kate want to make sure that this Christmas is one they will remember for ages to come, explaining, “Kate and William are hugely excited about the festive season, and even though George will be only 5 months old, they know this is a time they’ll cherish forever.”

Good for them, and lucky Prince George that his parents have the courage and willpower to stand up for him.

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  • SpringBeauty

    It may well be the last Christmas for QE2 and for her husband. I hope it is a memorable occasion for them all, and that the alcohol consumption is kept to a minimum.

    • DuchessLazy

      In that case, don’t let Waity near the bar.

  • DuchessLazy

    I’m tired of how Waity and Willy are made out to be “geniuses” who always “BREAK TRADITION”, LOL , ohhh please….Diana was the one who updated the royals. Not bland Willy and Waity Kate.

    With all the false “BREAKING TRADITION” going on, I guess we aren’t supposed to have time to notice that William has no job and neither does Waity. They aren’t doing a heck of a lot for people, they basically just coast along.

  • DuchessLazy

    OK, but really that’s not important. If the Queen wanted to make changes how about not letting thousands of elderly die this winter because they can’t afford to heat their homes ? Look it up, elderly are dying of cold in England by about 200 a day.

  • DuchessLazy

    Waity might not let George out of the dungeon where I suspect they keep him. That kid has basically disappeared.