Kate Middleton Using Royal Baby To Deflect Massive Spending On Vacations, Clothes

Kate Middleton Using Royal Baby To Deflect Massive Spending On Vacations, Clothes 0628

There’s a pretty good post in The Royalist today about the double lives of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Spending and clothing and renovations and vacations aside they appear to be the gorgeous couple next door. She’s the middle class millionaire from Berkshire and he’s the down to earth, “My mom took me to McDonalds a couple times when I was a kid so I must be normal” monarch. But could their lavish spending habits be catching up with them?

News surfaced today that Kate’s Kensington renovations are costing the tax payers over $1 million. The 57-bedroom apartment has asbestos and needs major overhauling but all I ever see is Kate shopping for antiques so who knows how bad the asbestos really is or if Kate and William are going to town on the pad. That’s the problem with these two. No one really knows anything other than what we hear and not many journalists are willing to dig because William can be an asshole and the world loves the couple and its future baby. No one wants to call out the pregnant woman for being lazy and/or addicted to shopping. Editors know if William gets pissed then he’ll keep Kate away and no one wants that. She’s the cash cow. She sells newspapers and he basically holds her appearances and her talking points over their heads.

It’s been revealed that Kate and William have gone on five luxury vacations since they’ve been married and that doesn’t even count the amazing tours they took on behalf of the Queen. Yes, it’s work but two weeks in the Pacific sounds pretty ideal regardless of the smiling and hand shaking that had to be done. The palace likes to point out that the Middletons paid for two of those vacations. All right then. Will’s lucky to have rich in-laws. But do you remember one of those vacations took place right after Kate played sick at the beginning of her pregnancy? She was gracious enough to get papped shopping right before she left leaving the world happy and content with a baby bump photo before she soaked it up in the Caribbean sun. That’s how this couple rolls.

But is that such a bad thing? Kate makes A LOT of money for the monarchy and interest is up. Why shouldn’t she get to reap the benefits? I actually have no problem with that. She’s practically a princess now so what the hell? I just think we should call a rich spade a rich spade. Kate and William aren’t all that hard working. They do like vacations and finer things. One can be excited about a royal baby without overlooking the other, yes? This is the honeymoon period anyway. Diana could do no wrong at this point either. But is the press doing a disservice to the couple by looking the other way this early? Once Queen Elizabeth dies there won’t be many other frugal influences since Charles and Camilla like their toys and privileges as well.  Should be fun to watch how the Cambridges navigate.

Does Kate and William’s spending bother you especially since it’s been learned the British economy is still struggling under massive budget cuts?


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  • Sorry

    They are leaches. Ridicoulous to have them around. How can we teach or children everyone is equal when you have these idiots? They were BORN. That is all.

  • SpringBeauty

    What makes you think Kate was “playing sick”? That is a cheap shot. I doubt they spend any more than any other heads of state.Pres Obama just spent 100 million to tour Africa.The Royals bring in a heap for the British economy, and until they are done away with, they will spend $$$. Who wants a shabby monarch?