Kate Middleton In Tears Over Mustique Bikini Photos – Prince William Promises Poor Kate Alpine Holiday? (Photos)

Kate Middleton In Tears Over Mustique Bikini Photos – Prince William Promises Poor Kate Alpine Holiday?

Kate Middleton is perfect for the job of “princess.” What other profession lets you take a vacation to get over a stressful vacation? And that’s exactly what I’m predicting Kate will do once her island vacation in Mustique is over.

Prince William’s 31-year-old wife has the stressful scandal of being papped on holiday – AGAIN – to use as an excuse to jet off from the exclusive private island of Mustique straight to a ski resort in France.

I’m calling it: Will and Kate, Ski Resort, France, Spring. I’d bet money they’ll be hitting the slopes soon, just like they did last April.  But will Queen Elizabeth allow Kate to actually ski when she’s 6 months pregnant?

But there’s plenty of time for another fancy holiday between then and now – Spain, anyone? A private manor courtesy of a friendly Count? One thing’s for sure, these young royals know how to holiday – and most often on the taxpayer’s dime.

To be honest, I don’t know why Kate’s complaining. Without the intrusive press, how else can she justify vacation after vacation? She’s already used up the excuse of “Babymoon” to jet set to Mustique. She needs a new excuse for her spring ski holiday so that the unwashed masses won’t scream for a Republic followed by “Off with their heads!” And what better excuse than saying she’s massively stressed out now from “Bump-gate” and is in desperate need of a holiday – and not just for her sake but for the baby’s sake, too? I’m sure the same doctor who deemed her well enough to travel eight hours to Mustique will be all too eager to corroborate this for the palace PR spin when it hits.

Of course, one could say these are just the usual holidays Will and Kate take yearly. But that just sounds worse than the “too stressed from Bump-gate” excuse. Which leads me to wonder… was it really Will and Kate who had the photos of her baby bump taken and leaked to the press? Was this all just a big hoax that they concocted so they could keep up their jet set lifestyle without pissing off the taxpaying commoners?

One thing’s for sure: it’s going to be one long holiday for Kate between now and when the baby’s born in July (and I suspect for a very long time after, too!).

Poor Kate. What’s a girl to do when life is one big holiday? Oh, right – go on another holiday! What a stressful life…

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