Kendall Jenner Forces Harry Styles To Ditch One Direction Bandmates and His Friends

Kendall Jenner Forces Harry Styles To Ditch One Direction Bandmates and  His Friends

Little Jenner did what Taylor Swift could never manage! Look at how Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner compare to that basic confusion we call the Styles/Swift hookup last winter.  They’ve only just started dating for about a month and Kendall’s already got him to ditch the party lifestyle in order to come hang with her. Although I don’t like the relationship I will always give credit where its due. Harry is a party person and by that I mean he likes to be around the hard partying models known for drug use, but the fact he chose quiet nights with Kendall means he’s getting serious. And it might very well be too serious.

One Direction picked up two big awards at the NRJ Music Awards at the Cannes Festival Palace. In case you don’t know, that’s all the way in France and by the next morning he was caught sneaking out of Kendall’s hotel room in London. The people he ditched were more than his friends. They were also his band-mates who happen not to have the problem juggling their girlfriends while still making time for each other. So why must Kendall be any different? Don’t let this junior Yoko Ono get in the way, Harry! Sure, its nice that he’s not messing around with the rich crack heads set anymore yet he needs to remember he is part of a boy band. Harry could try to go solo but that rarely works! Justin Timberlake was an exception and not the rule.

There is the option of following Kendall into reality TV which inevitability leads to becoming a laughing stock like Scott Disick, Bruce Jenner or Lamar Odom. It’s not all bad though. The money is good but if he ever wants to be taken seriously again then he needs to stop concentrating on simply making Kendall happy. Many men have tried to make those K and J women happy and when they began to lose money and their careers because of that, they soon learned they lost their wife and/or girlfriend as well!

  • Danity Donnaly

    so sick of this family

  • Angel 2009

    Run Harry! Run!

  • allie

    BIG mistake, Harry, BIG mistake!