Kim Kardashian Asks Jessica Simpson How To Lose North West Baby Weight

Kim Kardashian Asks Jessica Simpson How To Lose North West Baby Weight

Because Jessica Simpson knows a thing or two about losing baby weight, she is now apparently helping Kim Kardashian also get rid of her pregnancy weight.

You know, I always wonder what actual celebrities think about people like Kim Kardashian, but I realize that there’s an unsettling blur of boundaries between reality stars and real celebrities in today’s world. We see movie stars and singers doing reality shows, and we see reality stars doing movies. Fortunately, we get interesting stories like this to balance out all the schlock that reality shows bring to the entertainment world.

So anyway, according to a new report from the National Enquirer, Jessica Simpson is trying to help Kim Kardashian lose her baby weight. According to the Enquirer, Jessica and Kim are ‘bonding over their new babies and post-pregnancy paunches.’ A source adds, “Kim reached out to Jessica toward the end of her first trimester, just as the weight was exploding. Kim sympathized with Jess over all the nasty comments about how huge she got when she was pregnant with Maxie, and Kim thought Jess could help her avoid the same pitfalls.”

Apparently, Jessica has been “counseling Kim to ignore the negativity and just focus on her precious baby.” They also supposedly chat several times a day, exchanging notes on their romantic partners and their post-pregnancy hormonal mood swings.

So Kim hasn’t even been outside of her house, but she’s had time to make a new best friend? Sure, why not? It’s not that hard to believe, if you believe that Kim initiated the whole thing and Jessica had no way of escaping the situation.

What do you guys think about Jessica offering advice to Kim? I mean, Jessica’s definitely had weight loss issues in the past, and Kim can relate, but I’m not sure if that’s enough to bond them together in an actual friendship.

Kim Kardashian Asks Jessica Simpson How To Lose North West Baby Weight

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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  • Angel 2009

    I’ll believe this story if Jessica comments about it too. Otherwise, it’s just more K Trash pr.

    • Victoria McGuire

      I totally agree why would Jessica even want to be connected to the Kraptrashian’s?