Kim Kardashian Delivers One Month Early – Stress-Related Or Did She Lie About Due Date?

Kim Kardashian Delivers One Month Early - Stress-Related Or Did She lie About Due Date? 0615

First off, let’s start by saying congratulations to Kim Kardashian! Good for her. That baby girl’s out of there. Now she can go back to boring us all with nasty fashion that actually fits her. TMZ reported she gave birth to a baby girl and both baby and mama are healthy. Kanye West was even there for the whole thing. There is such a thing as small miracles.

OK, now let’s go smutty. TMZ is also saying that Kim Kardashian delivered five weeks early. Oh really? By my records she delivered right on time. Remember this little story courtesy of Page Six? A couple months ago a friend of Kim’s was overheard telling people she was due in mid-June all along and not mid-July like she and Kris Jenner were letting on. It would explain why she always looked so much bigger than other women as far along as her and coincide nicely with the idea that she would hide out for a month and lose a lot of her weight before making her first post-baby appearance. There are holes in that theory but it made a lot of sense to me at the time and is looking spot on now.


So how can we tell? My sister is a labor and delivery nurse and we just discussed this. Let’s say Kim Kardashian’s baby girl is five weeks premature. Her lungs were just developed if not still developing. The doctors most likely won’t let it go home with the mother 48 hours after birth. Most likely they would want to monitor it just to make sure everything’s working as it should be – even if it is deemed healthy at the start. If we see Kim getting wheeled out of that hospital tomorrow with that baby in her arms we’ll know she was due mid-June all along and everything was as planned. Meaning that baby shower that was just thrown was thrown late to throw off the media.

Why do I see conspiracies everywhere with this family?? Or I could be wrong. Kim has been under a lot of stress. From divorces, to tabloids to weight to missing baby daddies Kim has not exactly had it easy these last 8 (or 9) months. But I’m not buying it. Something very Kardashian is going on here. I’m excited for Kim, truly, but I’m just as excited to get to the bottom of this mystery due date!

What do you think? Was Kim lying all along?

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