Kanye West Fat – Kim Kardashian Struggling Help Yeezy Lose Fat Stomach

Kanye West Fat - Kim Kardashian Struggling Help Yeezy Lose Fat Stomach

Can you imagine the irony and hypocrisy if this story is true? Star Magazine claims that Kim Kardashian believes that Kanye West is getting too fat, and she’s apparently trying to prevent him from gaining any more weight. Pot calling the kettle black, anyone?

Star Magazine reports, “Kim Kardashian is following her gut when it comes to being honest with her self-obsessed fiance, Kanye West. Kanye was delivered a swift kick in his uncontainable ego after [Kardashian] hinted at the ‘spare tire’ around his stomach and insisted he lose weight. Kim’s tried everything to get Kanye to work out more. But he’s actually gaining weight instead of losing it.”

Um… has Kim seen herself in the mirror lately? She may have lost 50 pounds of pregnancy weight, but she’s not in a position to tell anyone to lose weight, much less Kanye. Kanye might not be uber-skinny, but he’s by no means unhealthy. So although I think there’s enough fat-shaming going around in Hollywood, if this story is true, Kim needs to think twice before calling out anyone else regarding their weight.

The source also adds that Kim is actually going out of her way to prevent Kanye from putting on any more weight, adding, “Kim even tries to sabotage Kanye’s meals by telling restaurant servers to ‘hold the dressing and cheese, which enrages Kanye.”

See, this part can’t be true. You think anyone with Kanye’s ego would stand for that? We already know Kanye’s pretty much the king of this relationship, and whatever he says goes. There’s no way Kim would ever stand up to him like this, even if she drops hints here and there. He would blow a gasket and break up with her, and Kim would never, ever, ever let that happen.

  • Angel 2009

    Yes, Kanye is fat! As in Fathead! Come up with something better Star.