Kim Kardashian Insists Kendall Jenner Stop Hooking Up With Harry Styles

Kim Kardashian Insists Kendall Jenner Stop Hooking Up With Harry Styles

Now magazine claims big sister Kim Kardashian warned the much younger Kendall Jenner to stay away from Harry Styles. The story is that she’s afraid Kendall will get her heartbroken by being around someone obviously much more experienced and although that is an understandable reaction; where was it when Kendall was dating one of Justin’s Beiber entourage. Just sayin!

This isn’t Kendall’s first rodeo. She was seen around some other pretty shady characters but all of sudden her family wants to step in NOW! It’s not as if Kendall doesn’t have a reputation as a party girl or that she happens to be too entitled for the world’s own good but her family chooses to start getting worried about Harry Styles?? No, if anything, worry about Kris Jenner because we all can see how close both Kendall and Harry are to getting eaten up by that cougar.

What surprises so many about that Now article is that the “concern” is coming from Kim. If I recall correctly her entire family tried to warn her about Kris Humphries when that marriage was going down. Then there were new misgivings after Kanye West rearranged her entire wardrobe to fit his likes – and create a fashion disaster. Khloe Kardashian wasn’t too pleased with him and yet Kim brushed off her family’s consideration. With the shoe being on  the other foot; it’s not so good now is it?

The magazine goes on to say that Kim pushed her babby daddy to try and talk some common sense into Kendall. But that went down well. Kanye giving advice is something you hear about in a SNL skit. In real life, no one is going to want to listen to a hot mess of angry.

How about if everyone decides to be there when or if things fall apart and until then they keep their input to themselves. Then maybe no one would be so hypocritical when it’s their turn. Which in this family, their turn, is always right around the corner!

  • Angel 2009

    Thinking that this Now mag story is b.s. – K Trash thrives on any kind of publicity and Kimmode is too self-absorbed to think of anyone but herself.

    • Kim R

      There might be a ring of truth to it- after all Harry is MUCH more liked than Kanye and One Direction, even tho a boy bad, has many more fans than Kanye. Kim is most likely “concerned” that Kendall will be in a more popular power couple LOL

      • Angel 2009

        Ahh! Good point! ;)

  • A Shiny O’Connor

    ‘Hello, kettle? This is pot. You’re black’