• Angel 2009

    Kimmode enjoys playing “pretend mommy” while the nannies do all the real grunt work.

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  • Kay

    Yes as much as I am entitled to my opinion so is she but hers is malicious and unfounded. My point of mentioning what were taught it not that we are taught to defend people although I think it’s more admirable than what Siyana is doing but it was to point out that there are better goals in life than to tear others down with whatever mean things pop into your head, Siyana has a job that can reach thousands and why would someone use that influence to spread hate rather than something more positive. With her “prediction” coming true, you mean to tell me Kim stepped out of the house with her child, what a revelation. No suprise the paps caught it as they stalk this family like no other. Siyanas predictions as to why she would be photographed, to save face, are ridiculous, could there be no other reason, like she wanted to enjoy a day out with her child. Someone save us if the only reason mothers step out with children is to defend the fact that they are good parents to the world, get real people.

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