Kim Kardashian Pregnant Maternity Style Scandal – Looks Like Miss Piggy? (Photos)

Kim Kardashian Pregnant Maternity Style Scandal – Looks Like Miss Piggy? (Photos)

Kim Kardashian has never been anyone’s style icon. Anna Wintour, the famed Editor In Chief of US Vogue, has reportedly banned Kim from her covers and MET Gala because she doesn’t like the cut of her hemlines. The fashionista doesn’t like much about Kim or her design choices and her maternity wear is not likely to make her a convert.

Since Kim announced her pregnancy, she hasn’t exactly been setting trends but has been the butt of jokes.  She’s been compared to Shamu the Wale and Miss Piggy. I’m not one for body shaming a pregnant woman.  Kim is pregnant and she’s going to gain weight; how much is her prerogative. However, if Kim is going to fit herself into clothes that are too small for her changing frame, there is a temptation to pick her apart at the seams.

After all, this is the woman who just boasted to the world on her reality TV show that fashion is her life. Kim spends an obscene amount of money on clothes since being “chic” is a part of her job and that if she doesn’t dress a certain way, she’ll be talked about. In recent month, Kim has put more effort into the latter direction as her questionable outfits have garnered more scorn than praise. She’s worn high inch heels, dark color palettes and low cut tops that show just how well her newborn daughter is going to be fed. It’s not that pregnant women can’t be sexy. You just don’t have to spill out or squeeze into your dresses to show the paps that you’ve still got it. You’ve also got a bump that you’re seemingly ignoring as you use the streets of L.A. or wherever you’re flying off to as a personal runaway for the lenses.

At best, you’re just a woman in love who doesn’t believe her own eyes and relies on the bad judgment of her boyfriend. You have been quick to give Kanye West the honors of being your stylist. A more cynical person might actually start to believe that you’re purposefully dressing way off the mark because it assures that you are talked about in order to pad your relevancy, but everyone knows you’re not the fame seeking type by any means. Not you, Kimberly.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet