Kim Kardashian Refuses To Breastfeed Baby Girl And Plans Immediate Tummy Tuck – Diva Mom Disaster! (Photo)

Kim Kardashian Refuses To Breastfeed Baby Girl And Plans Immediate Tummy Tuck - Diva Mom Disaster! (Photo)

If you have yet to have your fill of Kim Kardashian delivery room drama news, then you are just in luck. Given that Kim has just birthed the anti-Christ her first born child with her rapper boyfriend Kanye West, most of the news outlets are going to continue pushing her out into the media. That is, until we know all of the details surrounding the birth of their baby – right down to photos.

According to the latest from Star magazine, Kim was a total diva during the delivery process. Of course she was, did we expect any less from her — really?

The tabloid claims that Kim has refused to begin breastfeeding her new baby — and it’s for the most obviously selfish reasons out there: she feels that her body was ruined enough already by the exhausting pregnancy that she went through.

In addition, after pushing out their underweight baby, Kim has already planned to have a tummy tuck. She can’t be seen in public with extra weight like normal, poor women! Lastly, the magazine claims that momager Kris Jenner already hates the baby’s name, which is rumored to be Kaidence Donda West.

Is she being a total diva or what? Sound off with your thoughts below!

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  • Rosemary Davis

    I don’t think thats true Radar Online says she can’t breast feed the baby it could be due too a lack of flow of milk which in this case they could give her something to stimulate the breast or maybe the baby either don’t want or can’t eat from the breast and may have too be bottle feed

    • thebutcher

      Radar also said that she complained that it was too hard

      • Rosemary Davis

        I don’t know what could be hard about breast feeding a baby but the baby iwas premature and was not ready to be fed outside of the womb but in time if she does not take the breast or bottle they will feed her by a tube so that she can get nourishment and start gaining weight and she has too be able to maintain a certain body temperture that’s important in order for her too take the baby home my grandson was born at 7 months and my daughter was able to breast feed him not right away but eventually she did while he was in the hospital which was over a month and was still small today he is eleven and has autism but he still functions quite well

        • Angel 2009

          Um, she doesn’t want to breastfeed because that loving maternal nurturing act would interfere with her pathetic need to be an famewhore.

      • Angel 2009

        I’ll say it, “She never wanted this baby, hated being pregnant and now she’s stuck with it.”

  • Angel 2009

    If course Kimmode is a diva, as far as she’s concerned she’s still comes first and should be catered to just like before the baby. Stupid, selfish, vapid, vain narcissistic porn hoe!
    I hope that poor baby is raised by loving & caring nannies because Kimmode wants her old life back.

  • drdebo

    if ya have a baby with a man from the hood the kids name is going to reflect that. And if your Kim your not going to give birth unless you have to, and certainly wouldn’t breastfeed or be seen without a tummy tuck- because she’s as non-real as her “real-ality” show.

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  • meaganm

    Tummy tuck is fine, but not breast feeding cause her “body has been ruined enough.” To me, that’s a total diva and a bitch mother at that. I understand wanting to get your pre-pregnancy body back, I’m 5 months pregnant and I want to have my body to go back to my pre-pregnancy body. But that shouldn’t over shadow whats best for your kid. Your kid comes first, almost all the time, then you. And if you come before your kids almost/all the time,, then you’re a terrible mother.