Ben Flajnik Says NO WAY To Dating Kris Jenner: Bachelor Would Rather Be Celibate and Single

Ben Flajnik Says NO WAY To Dating Kris Jenner: Bachelor Would Rather Be Celibate and Single

Well that was quick! Bachelor star Ben Flajnik spoke exclusively with US Weekly to clear the air about the swirling rumors that he is dating Kris Jenner telling them in no uncertain terms that he is NOT dating, nor will he be dating Kris. Ben said he met Kris a few months ago when he appeared on her now defunct talk show. Ben owns a winery and Kris is allegedly a wino (i.e. she likes to drink excessive amounts of wine, at least according to DUI convicted Khloe Kardashian) so it just made sense that he extend an invitation for her to visit his winery.

Recently Kris took Ben up on his offer and contacted him to get permission to film an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Ben said, “… of course I obliged.” Of course. Ben said there was nothing romantic about Kris’ visit to his winery, saying that he simply did the gentlemanly thing and, “… showed [Kris and long-time Kardashian family friend Jonathan Cheban] around Sonoma,” because, “Who doesn’t want to ride bikes and drink wine?

In other words Ben said hell to the no he is not dating Kris who is 26 years his senior. And to further prove his point he went on to say that he is currently spoken for saying, “I’ve been dating this girl. She’s local, she’s in the wine business. We’ve been dating, she’s super great and super smart. It’s been a few months at this point.” For now his new girlfriend remains a mystery but we now know it is not Kris.

I do not doubt Kris was crushing on Ben (because Kris never met a man she didn’t like, except for her husbands of course), and probably did try to make a move on him after indulging in some of his organic reds and whites, but it seems Ben gave her the old heave-ho. Better luck next time Kris – and there is sure to plenty of those.

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