Kris Jenner and Bruce Jenner Separate Officially and Living Apart – Divorce To Follow

Kris Jenner and Bruce Jenner Separate Officially and Living Apart - Divorce To Follow

Bruce Jenner has finally done it, he has left Kris Jenner.  Halleluiah, the man has finally woke up and smelled the coffee.  Kris has reportedly cheated on Bruce many times, made a fool of him, controlled his life and their marriage has been in a shambles for years now.

Earlier this year Bruce moved out of the Kardashian Kompound and got himself a man cave in Malibu.  At the time Kris explained that Bruce got himself a place to make room for their daughter Kim Kardasian and Kanye West to move in.  It seems Bruce was not a huge fan of Kanye and he was tired of being bossed around by everyone.  According to an insider, “He was constantly being told to be quiet, and Bruce just doesn’t get along that well with Kanye.”

Bruce’s new home in Malibu is not a man cave anymore, it is Bruce’s permanent home.  With Bruce getting away from the Kardashian Kompound he started to realized how invasive it was having their life played out for the television cameras. He also realized that he had been letting Kris run their life for years and found he liked being alone.  Bruce was also concerned about the influence that Kris has over their daughters Kendall and Kylie.  Bruce thinks the girls should be in school but Kris seems them as another cash cow.  Kris already has the girls modelling and lets not forget Kris makes 10% of everything her children make.

Radaronline reports, “Bruce is low key and lives a pretty normal life. He doesn’t need all the trappings of wealth and material objects such as fancy cars that Kris likes. Bruce has gone completely off the reservation, and Kris won’t be able to simply snap her fingers as she has done in the past and demand he come home.”

So lets all stand up and say YAY!!  I have been rooting for Bruce for years.  I, for one, am relived he finally grew the cajones to dump the selfish money grubbing Momanager.  What do you think CDLers are you glad that Bruce is free from her clutches?  How ling do you think it will take before Kris starts leaking damaging info about Bruce?  She did it to Lamar, why not Bruce?