Robert Pattinson Dumps Kristen Stewart For MET Gala – Ashamed To Be Seen With Trampire? (PHOTOS)

Robert Pattinson Dumps Kristen Stewart For MET Gala - Ashamed To Be Seen With Trampire? (PHOTOS)

Kristen Stewart has shown up solo at yet another event. This time it was the MET Gala. Seen as the kick off for fashionable events, everyone does their best to attend. Why do you think Kim Kardashian was seen chatting up to Ana Wintour a couple of days ago. She damn well needed that invite not to be withdrawn at the last minte. So for Kristen to show up in a daring Stella McCartney pant suit all by her lonesome leaves only one  conclusion to draw. Her boyfriend, long suffering Rob Patterson, has dumped the sulky looking Trampire again.

Can we be certain that Rob has shaken loose of the disgusting cheater?  No.  But a person can hope, can’t they?  Maybe after Kristen and Rupert Sanders or his doppelganger were seen hooking up a couple of weeks ago Rob’s been doing some thinking.  Even if Kristen didn’t get together with Rupert again Rob still had to read all about it in the media and that can’t be fun. Rob’s got to say to himself, “okay Kristen gives me that kinky sex I like so much but so what, lots of other women can do that AND stay faithful.

For many of us, we definitely saw this coming. Rob’s still young and wanting to party. Isn’t that the excuse everyone used to justify why Kristen cheated on him. Well there you go – it works both ways. She’s had her fun now it’s time for him to have his.

Besides, what is Kristen doing at the Met Gala anyway? Oh ya, she gets paid to pimp for Balenciaga.

Go away Kristen – we don’t like you and we know why.

Is it just me or does Taylor Swift look like an alien?

Robert Pattinson Dumps Kristen Stewart For MET Gala - Ashamed To Be Seen With Trampire? (PHOTOS)

  • Your story would be better if it contained actual true facts. Kristen is wearing Stella McCartney at the Met Ball you idiot! And Rob was never scheduled to go! You do realize that Rob is never going to go out with YOU, so you might as well give up the hate towards Kristen and get a real life. Your song and dance is really pathetic and your bitterness is showing!

    • wibblewobble

      Why can’t people have an opinion without Stain’s fans claiming no one likes her because they want to jump Rob? Get over yourself. No one likes her because she has no self respect or talent and she’s a dirty tramp. Rob will never fall in love with a fan, we’re not all deluded, but your irrational defence of her is just weird. Grow up.


    Scumm bag Robert is scarred he will spoil his dirty scruffey image if he is seen with Kristen,and beside that he is after KATE MOSS,he is now as bad as her,chatting up ones so called best friend,and dining and having little chats behind her back, with out KRISTEN is the same as cheating.The only times he cleanes him self up is if he is homing in on some girl.Robert will do what ever takes him up the (I AM THE BEST LOOKING ACTOR IN HIOOYWOOD SCALE)iF HE HAD BEEN INTERESTED IN kRISTEN IN THE FIRST PLACE THIS WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED, hE IS A SLY,CLIMB THE LADDER AT WHAT PRICE.gUESS WHAT ROB,THERE ARE PLENTY OF GIRLS OUT THER WHO WILL CHEATE ON YOU,JUST TO SAY i HAVE BEEN WITH ROBERT PATTINSON.MONEY AND FAME DONT BRING YOU HAPPINRSS,AS YOU SOON WILL FIND OUT,YOU ARE HEADING STRAIGHT FOR ANOTHER ONE K&K ARE A GOO PAIR.wHERE DO YOUR SO CALLED MATES GET ALL THEIR GOOR INFO ABOUT WHAT YOU SHOULD WITH YOUR PRIVATE LIFE. GROW UP YOU WILL BE ANOTHER YEAR OLDER ON THE 13TH.

  • Nic

    This article is the only thing thats a disgrace, I’m sure Rob would have been proud to accompany stunning kris, but fashions just not his thing

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  • wibblewobble

    Fact: she’s a cheater.
    Fact: she’s out of work
    Fact: she looks dreadful, has no taste, no class
    Fact: her old colleagues have no time for her so she hangs around with fame whores who leech off her.
    Fact: she’s known for being difficult, rude and stroppy both on set and in her personal life.
    Fact: she’s a pot head.
    Fact: her acting is one dimensional.
    Fact: Rob has plenty of work, everyone he’s ever worked with has only good things to say about him as a person and as a professional. He’s respected and admired on and off screen. He’s good looking and talented. AND he’s loyal! Despite the whole Rupert Sanders debacle he remains friends with Kristen. There’s no evidence of epic love as we’ve hardly seen them hold hands let alone kiss off screen, but he’s never trash talked about her. He’s clearly trying to help her reputation so someone will take her seriously and work with her again.
    The facts speak for themselves.