Leah Remini Fears Scientology Web Attack Smear Campaign?

Leah Remini Fears Scientology Web Attack Smear Campaign

The Church of Scientology is spitting mad at Leah Remini. Her departure took a lot of high-profile members by surprise, even though Remini had reportedly been unhappy with the way things were being run for quite some time.

However, Kirstie Alley, among other Scientology celebrities, are said to be ‘livid’ at Remini’s sudden departure, and they’re reportedly planning a smear campaign against her.

So for those of you who are unfamiliar with reported Scientology tactics, the story is that often try to discredit ‘defectors’ by spreading false information about them. People who have become an ‘enemy’ of Scientology have allegedly been targeted this way – basically a ploy by Scientology members to destroy these people’s reputation in the public.

High-profile examples of Scientology ‘defectors’ include Marthy Rathbun and Paul Haggis, both of whom have been very vocal about how screwed up Scientology is and how they treat their members. They’ve written essays and blog posts about how David Miscavige is corrupt with power, as are many other high-ranking Scientology officials.

Scientology has been accused of being behind the creation of websites to try to discredit anyone who’s left the religion, and these websites are all in the vein of WhoIsPaulHaggis.com or WhoIsMartyRathbun.com. Radar discovered that WhoIsLeahRemini has already been registered, which means the campaign has begun.  Expect the website to be up and running within the week. Radar says they have been “unable to confirm any ties between the websites and the Church of Scientology.”  Of course not.

As to what the website contains – well, if you look at the Paul Haggis or Marty Rathbun ones [among many, many others], they usually try to pull up arrest or criminal records. If the person doesn’t have any history of criminal activity, then something is make up. They’ll pretend that the celebrities have a drug problem, or mental issues.

It seems that there is no limit to what they’re willing to do to protect themselves. The funny thing is, they don’t even realize how ridiculous all these ploys are, especially when they’ve lost so much of their credibility in recent years. I have to say, God help Tom Cruise if he ever decides to leave Scientology.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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