LeAnn Rimes Laxative Trouble At Home: Fails To Defend Brandi Glanville’s Son Mason On Twitter

LeAnn Rimes Laxative Trouble At Home: Fails To Defend Brandi Glanville's Son Mason On Twitter

Welcome to your Monday morning edition of Keeping Up With LeAnn Rimes’ Twitter – I know I know not very original but it is so very fitting so let’s go with it.

The last time we left off LeAnn had inadvertently exposed her Twitter stalking ways when she tweeted an empty message on the December 2nd to a group of people she had previously blocked from her Twitter account. Now that right there was just plain sloppy; LeAnn LeAnn LeAnn – if you insist on being all shady you might want to work on not being so sloppy. Of course even though she was caught trolling Twitter accounts she still insist on saying she just ignores it telling a fan on the 6th that, “… I ignore and stay happy and wrk hard,” *chuckles* okay LeAnn you just keep telling yourself that, all the while your tweets tell a different story.

On the 5th of Dec LeAnn was unable to make it to her scheduled performance with the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra. This cancellation was due to the weather, a legitimate reason unlike other times – like this past summer when she cancelled a concert in Dublin after partying all night. Or that time she cancelled a concert due to an illness but was caught at the beer garden of a basketball game where she just so happened to run in Eddie Cibrian while he was still married to Brandi Glanville.

When an announcement went out via Twitter that LeAnn wouldn’t be performing, a concert goer tweeted her disappointment at the cancellation and at the fact that their money couldn’t be refunded, and what did Ms. Rimes do you ask … well she responded and per usual her response was inappropriate. See for yourself:

LeAnn Rimes Laxative Trouble At Home: Fails To Defend Brandi Glanville's Son Mason On Twitter

The correct response would have been, “I am sorry I am disappointed as well but I will make it up to y’all as soon as I can.” To say money can’t be refunded either is a slap in the face to fans, and makes it seem like she not only lacks empathy but is narcissistic because instead of sympathizing with her disappointed fan she was like “what about ME.” Three hours – and a bunch of tweets telling her that what she should have done is just say sorry – later LeAnn finally issued an apology for the cancellation.

That same day she had this weird exchange which made her look either really narcissistic or really drunk, perhaps both:

LeAnn Rimes Laxative Trouble At Home: Fails To Defend Brandi Glanville's Son Mason On Twitter

The above exchange is just so weird that it makes me feel like I had a few. Someone tweets you that Nelson Mandela died and your response is, “people can twist whatever they want I guess for no good reason.” I don’t get it. I seriously don’t get it.

The next day on the 6th LeAnn did what she does best and that is take a dig at the object of her obsession and resentments – Brandi. Someone tweeted LeAnn a link that showed pictures that were mostly of a Barbie in compromising positions with the Elf on the shelf, and of course LeAnn had to get in a passive aggressive dig at Brandi:

LeAnn Rimes Laxative Trouble At Home: Fails To Defend Brandi Glanville's Son Mason On Twitter

LeAnn likes to act as if she is better than and possesses more class than Brandi, but let us not forget who – out of the two – was truly the promiscuous one who thought nothing of sleeping with a married man while still married herself.

So as you can see since my last post it has been the same old same old with LeAnn – treating her fans as if they are disposable, tooting her own horn, and taking swipes at Brandi. She did just have a video come out for her remake of Gasoline & Matches which she performed with Rob Thomas and Jeff Beck. Because her last two albums failed miserably, and she has no financial backing it was shot entirely on an iPhone using stop motion animation. A lot has changed for the once Grammy winning artist.

Speaking of the Grammy’s the list of the 2014 nominees and LeAnn Rimes and her album Spitfire were noticeably absent. So how is that gloating about sleeping with another woman’s husband and exploiting their children working out for you LeAnn?

Speaking of Eddie and Brandi’s children, here is one of LeAnn’s “supporter” – I use scare quotes because the account is clearly under a fake name so it could be LeAnn for all we know (since she has allegedly opened fake Twitter accounts in the past and in fact one responded to me!), spent Sunday night going on and on about how Mason accidentally ingested a candy laxative that belonged to LeAnn was HIS fault and not LeAnn’s who was the ADULT in the house and in possessions of the over the counter drug. Yes you read that right the owner of this account blames a child for what was clearly child endangerment by an adult. In each tweet LeAnn was tagged, meaning she received these very tweets, and not once did she step in to stand up for Mason and take responsibility for what was her wrong.

LeAnn Rimes Laxative Trouble At Home: Fails To Defend Brandi Glanville's Son Mason On Twitter

LeAnn Rimes Laxative Trouble At Home: Fails To Defend Brandi Glanville's Son Mason On Twitter

When @kristenwheeland reminded @ClydeClydette that Mason thought he was eating candy this @ClydeClydette response was, “ … hope he learned not to eat things off the floor.” Seriously!?! Well I hope that LeAnn learned to keep her substances out of the children’s reach as well as clearly marked.

Twitter is a public forum and you are entitled to your opinion, but as Mason’s stepmother who likes to parade the boys around when it suits her, LeAnn should have cut @ClydeClydette off and said, “it was my mistake not Masons, let’s keep the boys out of this.” I was hesitate to include this part because I feel that these two young boys boundaries of privacy have been grossly broken and exploited by their stepmother, and I do not want to contribute to this but at the same time I want to stand up for them because I was very troubled by this exchange. What troubled me most – besides the fact that this person had the audacity to blame a child for an adult’s mistake – is that LeAnn who regularly engages with people on Twitter to defend herself, did not stand up for her stepson that she claims to love, and own up to the incident being her mistake. And sadly she likely never will.

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  • Angel 2009

    Sociopaths never accept responsibility for their actions and rationalize their behavior by blaming the victim. Other interesting traits of the disorder are lying, conning others without remorse, or even using aliases – honey, if you’ve got empty booze bottles in your closet, you may be a sociopath!

  • karkar

    How would that person know It was on the floor. It’s Leann, What a crazy B****.

  • nmg

    Wow how funny how you print this story right before Brandi is gonna be seen being a drunken mess again.. Brandi has no class..

    • jody

      what does brandi have to do with this?

  • gwen

    I guess I don’t see how the Elf comment is somehow a dig at Brandi.

    • julie.zelko

      Aloha :) LR has made passive aggressive swipes at Brandi in the past and by past I mean from 2009 till present day. If you click the link and see the pictures combined with the tweets amongst LR and her friends about Brandi you can see how this could very well have been directed at her. Thank you JZ

      • gwen

        I read back and I’m still not seeing it…

        I’m no fan of Leanne’s, but I think a lot of times Twitter reports get a bit exaggerated on what she must be meaning or implying by what she does or doesn’t say.

  • gessie

    At some point one has to come to the conclusion that this blogger is mentally unstable as everything she writes is bullshit.