• Angel 2009

    Noticed that she hasn’t posted any pics of Eddie in a while – thankfully the selfies have stopped too.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    • julie.zelko

      Happy Thanksgiving @disqus_00oWpU400Y:disqus :)

  • DuchessLazy

    Is this just talk or is her relationship with Eddie really going downhill ? I’m not that involved with it but find it hard to believe the two would separate.

    • julie.zelko

      Only time will tell but at this point it does appear to be a case of “not if but when.”

    • the ugly truth

      I wonder why he would take her to parent teacher conferences if he’s going to dump her. Not sure why she ever needs to attend them in the first place to tell you the truth.

  • allie

    That pose! She totally knew she was being photographed.

  • 1011

    Get the [expletive] over it brandi it’s been 8years move on and stop talking about it we are all sick of hear how Leann stole your husband he obviously wasn’t happy he had multiple affairs just because he married Leann why don’t you start attacking one of the many other women he had an affair with
    Happily married men don’t step out on there wives maybe you need to focus some of your time on your self instead of bashing Leann all the time so maybe one day you can finally keep a man happy

  • 1011

    Get over it brandi it’s been 8years your husband didn’t only cheat on you with Leann there were multiple women maybe it’s time for you to start on one of them lmao happy husbands don’t step out on there wives you two were broken long before Leann maybe you need to spend half the time you do hating Leann on yourself so you can finally keep a man instead of just f**king them in bathrooms it’s time for you to stop with the damn pity party’s and move on there are a lot of single mothers in this world that are a lot worse off then you like making minimum wage living off of welfare because the father of there children are not in there lives helping them they just don’t give a shit or woman being beat by there husbands who are to scared to leave count your blessing you have many and move on

  • 1011

    That’s what loving step parents do they should be involved in every aspect of the kids lives and Leann is actually helping raise those kids wether brandi wants to admit it or not and I think that Leann taking part in there lives like going to there games and school is awsome and shows that Leanne cares for them and brandi should be greatful she loves the boys because if Eddie and her really are breaking up the boys might get a new step mom who don’t care for the boys and make it known and want nothing to do with them and sadly you can’t pick who the step parent to your child is and have no control on what goes on at the other parents homes and it sounds like Eddie loves money and would do just about anything to have money and that’s a scary situation when you have kids with someone like that again count your blessings brandi and be thankful Leanne loves your boys