LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian To Separate and Divorce Over LeAnn’s Boozing

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian To Separate and Divorce Over LeAnn's Boozing

Somewhere LeAnn Rimes is shaking in her boots that she probably stole from Brandi Glanville – because lets be honest she steals everything from Brandi from her husband to her children to her style. I mean Brandi can’t even break her hand –literally- without LeAnn doing that too. The façade of LeAnn’s perfect life is starting to come undone and so is she.

Her marriage to Eddie Cibrian is cracking as he is finally realizing that all the money in the world is not worth dealing with her level of crazy – especially since he is capable of scoring actually hot chicks like his first wife Brandi or his former mistress Scheana Marie. To ease her pain of having a career in the shitter and the demise of her marriage LeAnn has allegedly been hitting the bottle … hard. In fact her drinking is said to be the real reason behind her cancelled concerts while away overseas.

The night before a big concert she went on an all-night bender at Copper Face Jacks a Dublin nightclub (and there was photographic proof). Of course the queen of excuses blamed the cancelled concert on a bad cough but by bad cough she really meant bad hangover. I don’t doubt that she had a cough because binging on alcohol does hurt your vocal cords and make for a hoarse morning after voice, but as a professional singer you would think she could have abstained for at least one night.

Now back in the states her drinking continues to drive Eddie further away from her and has even threatened to end production of the crap show they are filming for VH1 (allegedly – of course). According to Just Say Jenn’s thinly veiled blind items a person that fits LeAnn’s profile has been drinking and coming unhinged and even made the major gaffe of drunk texting a private message out to the wrong recipients with a message that presumably would cause Eddie to pack his shit and say, “I would rather work for my money then spend one more minute with you.”

At this point it is not a matter of if but when will Eddie take back his balls and leave LeAnn. In part he is probably scared to leave her because she is not stable and may hurt herself. Let’s be real, if she admitted to suicidal thoughts after she won the guy imagine what she will do when she loses him. Eddie if I were you I would be sleeping with not one but both eyes open because LeAnn is one bad day away from boiling a bunny in this real life version of Single White Female meets Fatal Attraction. At the very least make sure you do the right thing this time and protect your boys and your ex from LeAnn because they didn’t choose her – you did.

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  • Angel 2009

    I’m shocked! . . . said no one ever. Drop the hammer, Eddie and take an extended vacay with the kids.

  • Isa

    Find your balls Eddie and for once do the right thing – protect your children and their mother from further chaos. Maybe your career will finally blossom whrn you gain the public’s approval out of redemption.

  • Doubt they’ll separate…as no one cares about either of them individually.

  • Mary Andraso

    She will come unglued once Eddie does leave and take it out on Brandi.

  • Cindy M.


  • EmilyTrainham

    LeAnn really needs to get it together, my goodness.

  • Robyn

    She will never let him go!

  • Pamela

    I had no idea she had a problem.

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  • Holly

    No I referred to her as the horse’s mouth and all of this “news” websites as the horse’s other end. (smiles)

    God bless you and LeAnn always!!!

    Holly in East Tennessee (a day one fan of her)

    • TruthIs

      NO, you called her a horse. And what horse would admit how stupid they feel after getting another woman’s husband with two babies at home who was in the ebbs of his marriage. Every marriage has its ebbs and flows and anyone who has to capitalize on that of someone’s spouse says nothing. Eddie would have opened up to a hog. She took advantage of that and their relationship/marriage was based on BS. Not real love, married love, committed love but was simply an escape. Right now the horse is trying to save face so she won’t be sharing any news accept for what she posts on twitter to the world to give that perspective. Who could do what they did and feel this good about life, themselves, their “love”, their man???

    • Kim

      Holly you defending a slut alcoholic is so unlike you being so hard on gay people and all.

  • aemish

    Golden article

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