LeAnn Rimes Joining Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills – What Will Brandi Glanville Say?

LeAnn Rimes Joining Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills - What Will Brandi Glanville Say? 0221

I’ll tell you what she’s going to say. She’s going to say “Listen Anglefish, I’ve hustled good and hard to make something of myself and pimp out my hatred of you. Find your own reality damn reality TV show!”

Sadly it’s not up to Brandi Glanville if LeAnn Rimes’ Real Housewives of Beverly Hills dreams come true. It’s up to the producers, and they want the country singer badly.

According to Radar Online, producers have made LeAnn multiple offers to come on the show and get her side of the story out there but, so far, she’s shut them down. She says she has a music career and doesn’t need the show. Um… OK. Still, it’s a good decision on her part, right? The last thing LeAnn needs is to go for Brandi’s sloppy seconds again. People already think she’s obsessed with looking and acting like Brandi (because that’s what Brandi tells us) so she really doesn’t need to go on a show which will most likely exploit that fact.

But we can dream of the goodness. The BH women are up there with my least favorite. I can’t stand Maloof, Taylor or Kyle and her blond sister. Vanderpump and Brandi are the only reason I continue to waste my time for that hour. Why bother mentioning Yolanda when she and her unhealthy advice for all things Master Cleanse are truly not worth mentioning? I keep hearing Maloof is out after this year and the execs have wanted Taylor gone for awhile now. They really need to ditch Kim too since she adds absolutely nothing to the show. LeAnn would be absolutely perfect but she’s being uppity. I get it but it still bums me out. Brandi’s going to need some new sparring partners if those women do leave. But maybe this is a good thing. I’m guessing Brandi doesn’t like mixing business with pleasure.

Would you be excited to see LeAnn Rimes joining the show or is that feud already too played out? Any ideas on who should come on if not LeAnn?

Photo Credit: DMac/Miguel/FameFlynet Pictures