LeAnn Rimes’ Insensitive Tweet About Friend’s Mother Dying Angers Fans

LeAnn Rimes' Insensitive Tweet About Friend's Mother Dying Angers Fans

LeAnn Rimes has once again put her foot in her mouth. Or in this case, her finger in her keyboard? I’m not sure what the right metaphor would be in regards to screwing up on Twitter, something she’s not exactly new to. LeAnn decided to tweet about her stomach flu, but she did it in the most insensitive way possible – by equating her bad day to the fact that her friend’s mother was dying. Seriously?!

She wrote, “Not a fun day. I have a stomach bug, oh joy & one of our best friend’s is losing his mom.” Yes, because having a stomach bug is soooo similar to losing a parent. Ugh. People have rightly been furious about LeAnn’s comments, and one such person replied on Twitter, “I can’t believe you put stomach bug and someone losing a mom in the same breath as if they’re comparable.” Another wrote, “And when you have a nasty stomach bug. How rude of your friends mom to die now.” 

LeAnn Rimes' Insensitive Tweet About Friend's Mother Dying Angers Fans

Does this actually surprise anyone? It’s LeAnn Rimes. She takes joy out of picking on defenseless writers online, constantly targets and baits those she deems her enemies, and it shouldn’t be shocking that she’s as self-involved as she is. And to make matters worse, she didn’t apologize for her tweet nor did she delete it. Sure, deleting it wouldn’t have done any good because people would have screencaps, but she could have at least addressed it later, no?

Perhaps she was conscious of the criticism because she later tweeted, “Please say a sweet prayer for my friend who’s mom passed away this morning. Much peace to him & his heart.” Well, even if that was for PR reasons, at least she didn’t include anything about her damn stomach bug.

What do you guys think about LeAnn’s tweet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

  • Johnsonal

    This site has a weird Leanne rimes obsession. I don’t care for her but this post (written on Christmas Day) is weird. Calling yourself a defenceless writer is rich too….

  • Angel 2009

    Nothing obsessive about GOSSIP SITE writers doing their job! Writing about Rob & Kirsten, Blake & Miranda, the K Trash family, Miley Cyrus – A to D listers are all fair game. If ya don’t like it then don’t read it – that’s just common sense!